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IRS takes professional golfers to tax court

Two foreign golfers recently litigated tax cases arising out of endorsement contracts with TaylorMade, a golf equipment manufacturer.

Art money laundering

Art and money laundering

Although art collectors will pay hefty sums for aesthetic reasons, high art prices and secretive auction sales have also become a prime money laundering vehicle.

law blogs are a rip off

Why law blogs are expensive

Although legal blogs can be major brand development tools for law firms, they are just as likely to become horrible money pits.


A New Semester

Thoughts on exploring Washington D.C. and starting the second semester of my Georgetown tax LL.M. program.

New Orleans

Visiting New Orleans

I recently experienced New Orleans for the first time. The trip was full of good food, beautiful architecture, and a beverage or two.

Exploring Bishop Arts

Observations from my first trip to the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, including the relaunch of Tillman’s Roadhouse.