Law & Policy

IRS takes professional golfers to tax court

Two foreign golfers recently litigated tax cases arising out of endorsement contracts with TaylorMade, a golf equipment manufacturer.

Art money laundering

Art and money laundering

Although art collectors will pay hefty sums for aesthetic reasons, high art prices and secretive auction sales have also become a prime money laundering vehicle.

law blogs are a rip off

Why law blogs are expensive

Although legal blogs can be major brand development tools for law firms, they are just as likely to become horrible money pits.


First impressions of D.C.

We are getting settled in Washington D.C. and starting to do some proper sightseeing with the dogs in tow.

New Orleans

Visiting New Orleans

I recently experienced New Orleans for the first time. The trip was full of good food, beautiful architecture, and a beverage or two.

Exploring Bishop Arts

Observations from my first trip to the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, including the relaunch of Tillman’s Roadhouse.