Oak Lawn

The Oak Lawn Crime Wave


It’s around 7 p.m. and already pitch black in Dallas.

The dogs and I are walking in Perry Heights, which is a tiny historical neighborhood immediately behind my apartment building.

Perry Heights has some pretty single-family homes and it is a great place to walk dogs because the area is removed from all of the gay bars on Cedar Springs road. This cute residential area is also very poorly lit at night – the few street lights that exist are dim and often covered by huge trees.

The darkness of Perry Heights makes it really hard to pick up after my dogs without using the flashlight application my phone. However, the darkness it made it really easy to notice a car slowly creeping towards us with its lights dimmed. Continue reading “The Oak Lawn Crime Wave” »

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Endless Summer

Fall in Dallas

It’s strange to see Facebook pictures of my friends wearing coats.

Fall hasn’t quite arrived in Dallas yet – everything is still green and the temperature is way too hot to wear anything but shorts.

However, it is not as if I’m really spending a significant amount of time enjoying the weather – I’m inside working for most of the weekdays, and my weekends are spent freelancing inside neighborhood cafes because it is too hot to sit outside.

OakLawn Coffee

Freelancing at OakLawn Coffee

A random I.T. problem knocked out my company’s web applications and email systems for most of the morning, but instead of enjoying the weather at the pool, I took some time to page through this blog. Continue reading “Endless Summer” »

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A Boston Wedding

Gay Wedding Pierce House

I spent the weekend in Massachusetts attending the wedding of my friends Aaron and James.

My experience with weddings is very limited:

  • My mother’s extremely informal wedding to her second husband.
  • Some distant relative’s wedding in Germany when I was in 4th grade.
  • The ex-boyfriend’s brother’s reception in Minnesota.

I was a groomsman in this wedding, so it was somewhat nerve-racking, but nothing disastrous happened.

Wedding at Pierce House

The photographer extraordinaire taking a picture of the rings at the Pierce House!

I think people were a little amused by my (utter)  ignorance about how weddings work. For example – I had never heard of a receiving line. They don’t show that in movies!

The wedding was at Pierce House, which is a historic mansion in Lincoln, MA.

Pierce House

The Pierce House in Lincoln, MA.

We were also really close to Lexington and Concord…so history. Continue reading “A Boston Wedding” »

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Other People’s Monkeys


I spend a lot of time thinking about monkeys at work.

One of my favorite time management concepts is “Who’s got the Monkey?” by William Oncken, Jr. This time management classic is targeted at managers, but I think this time management skill works great for non-managerial employees too.

The author uses the “monkey on your back” metaphor to describe how we assign tasks to each other. The “monkey” belongs to whoever has the next move.

You typically have a monkey on your back when someone has a task that you agree to take on, or a problem that you agree to look into. You get the monkey because the burden is on you to act.

The monkey doesn’t jump back to the other person until you complete your task and the next move is theirs.

Other people’s monkeys can quickly pile up and prohibit you from focusing on your own priorities.

Monkeys from bosses and customers are inevitable, (and part of your job to deal with), but monkeys from peers and subordinates can sabotage your performance. Continue reading “Other People’s Monkeys” »