Swiss Avenue Dallas

Historic Swiss Avenue

I came across an editorial about first world problems a strange neighborhood zoning fight involving a mansion-turned-wedding-venue and its neighbors.

Here’s the gist:

Around the same time that Highland Park was getting started in the early 1900’s, some of Dallas’s richest residents built houses on Swiss Avenue.

Swiss Avenue had unique zoning rules, such as each house had to cost at least $10,000 and had to be built for the intended families (no spec homes.) Swiss Avenue was also the first paved street in the city of Dallas and offered private trolley service to the residents.

By the 1970’s, the original tenants were gone and the neighborhood was in decline. One of the organizations that fought to keep the mansions from being subdivided was the Dallas County Medical Society Alliance Foundation, which bought a mansion at 5500 Swiss, known as the “Aldredge House.”

To keep the house running, the Foundation turned their mansion into a wedding venue. The neighborhood then rebounded, the mansions were restored, and the new residents complained about the raucous parties at the Aldredge House.

Then a shitstorm ensued.

The article about the Aldredge House made us curious, so we decided to take very long dog walk to Swiss Avenue and see what it was about.

Swiss Avenue Dallas Mansion

A large house on Swiss Avenue.

Swiss Avenue Dallas

The wide tree-lined Swiss Avenue.

TGRA Dallas Gay Rodeo

My First Time at the Rodeo

There are certain stereotypes associated with Texas – and particularly Dallas – such as Instagram-famous cheerleaders, oil rigs, and cowboys everywhere.

I try really hard to dispel these stereotypes and convince my friends that Dallas is a modern, progressive, and huge city (instead of a country backwater).

…and then I spend my weekend cowboy boot shopping for a rodeo.

At least it was a gay rodeo.

We went to the Texas Gay Rodeo Association‘s Rodeo & Music Festival last Saturday. It was held at Texas Horse Park, which I’ve never been to before.

It was my first time at the rodeo, which reminded me of that epic Pepsi scene from Mommie Dearest:

The rodeo and boot-shopping experience was a tad less dramatic than that, but still fun.

Blue Cowboy Shoes

Some fancy baby blue cowboy boots at the Mesquite Boot Barn store.

Neon Green Cowboy Boots

Some pretty colorful green neon cowboy boots at Mesquite’s Boot Barn.

Neon boots at Boot Barn

Neon cowboy boots at Boot Barn in Mesquite, Texas.

TGRA Dallas Gay Rodeo

Opening ceremonies at the 2016 Dallas Gay Rodeo

Ingrid Labradoodle

Clean House

My apartment is usually not this clean on a Friday.

On a typical Friday, my apartment looks like something between a police raid and episode of Hoarders.

hoarders gif

But not today! Today my apartment is fabulously clean.

Why? Because my labradoodle puppy is sick. It started with horrifying scene in the kennel this morning and continued throughout the morning and afternoon.

So today has been a series of emergency dog walks, laundry cycles, and floor/kennel scrubbings.

Ingrid even had to get a bath or two. Good thing our building has a full “dog spa” with professional wash tubs and dryers.

Fort Worth Gay Bar

Exploring Fort Worth

We had an adventure in Fort Worth this weekend.

Things started at the Fort Worth Stockyards because Michael had never been before (despite living in DFW for 7 years now!)

The Stockyards are always priceless people-watching, and certainly didn’t disappoint this time.

Fort Worth Stockyards

The most bored and miserable looking longhorn cow that I have seen, with the Texas historical museum in the back.

Fort Worth Stockyards

Artery cloggers at the Stockyards – who said we had to wait for the State Fair?

Fort Worth Stockyards

An ominous warning that this may be the last longhorn you take a photo with.