Dallas Pride iLume Drag Queen

Why Celebrate Gay Pride?

Happy Pre-Pride!

Pre-Pride is that quiet period between the Gay Super Bowl (the RuPaul’s Drag Race finale) and the beginning of Gay Pride week.

Dallas Pride Flag at iLume

Dallas Gay Pride Parade participants practicing in front of iLume Park.

Pre-Pride is a roughly 5-week period in which we make half-hearted attempts to diet and save money/liver energy for the hot mess festivities of Gay Pride weekend.

It’s like Lent without the righteousness.

This year, I am kicking off Pre-Pride with the help of Explore St. Louis LGBT, which is giving away a free trip to St. Louis PrideFest!

Here is what’s included:

  • 2 Bud Light VIP Experience tickets at St. Louis PrideFest
  • Two-night stay at a downtown St. Louis hotel
  • Two tickets for the following St. Louis attractions: Gateway Arch, Missouri Botanical Garden and City Museum
  • $50 VISA gift card

The details: The giveaway is free to enter. Entries accepted until June 1st. One entry per person.

You should buy me a drink if you win.

Starbucks Wine

Why Neighborhood Bars are Not on the Decline

After living in Texas for almost a year, I still occasionally experience culture shock.

For example, when I visited Whole Foods in Highland Park for the first time, I was surprised to see a woman inspecting the kale selection while nursing a glass of wine.

Apparently all of the Whole Foods stores in Dallas have bars and happy hour at the grocery store is “a thing.” Perhaps alcohol makes the prices easier to swallow?

Many business are getting into booze – you can drink at most fast-casual restaurants like Chipotle and Taco Cabana, and even Starbucks offers wine now.

Bob the Drag Queen

Purse First

The Gay Super Bowl was last night

The bars in the gayborhood were packed on Monday night for the season finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

We watched the finale at Alexandre’s while sitting between an underweight boy who kept screaming “YASSS COME THROUGH!” and an overweight man who kept asking whether every drink he ordered “had carbs.” (The bartender lied to him, of course.)

After much anxiety, tweeting, and YAS!, we learned that Bob the Drag Queen won the title of America’s Next Drag Super Star.

Thank god!

The top 3 contestants were very similar to last year’s finalists – two younger Instagram-famous queens and a slightly older queen who prioritized comedy over glamour.

Finalists Bob the Drag Queen, Kim Chi, and Naomi Smalls

Finalists Bob the Drag Queen, Kim Chi, and Naomi Smalls.

Last year, one of the pretty girls won.

This year, RuPaul made the right choice.