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Why we can’t have nice things

Ingrid, our labradoodle in front of Starbucks.

I have a pretty nice apartment, but I rarely have guests over.

There are a few reasons for that:

  1. The nearby gay bars, restaurants, and apartment pools form important third places that make house guests unnecessary.
  2. Constant contact through social media lessens the demand for in-person visits.
  3. We are more likely to meet people out for drag shows or theme park trips than a dinner party.

But the main reason why we rarely have guests is Ingrid, our labradoodle. Continue reading “Why we can’t have nice things” »

Dallas Morning News

Early mornings

Working on a newsletter early in the morning.

A new schedule.

My workdays start at 4 a.m. now.

After a trip to the Keurig, the Chrome tabs start flying open — I am off checking analytics, various news sites, and a myriad of Slack channels to produce the morning roundup for The Dallas Morning News.

By 7:00 a.m., the news roundup is online and in people’s inboxes. Next comes a round of reader emails and social media exchanges before I head into the office.

I try to leave the office by 1 p.m., but afternoon meetings make this impossible on most days. And least once a week, a late meeting or evening technical issues blow my workday past the 14-hour mark. Continue reading “Early mornings” »


Overheard this weekend

A view of downtown Dallas from the Trinity River

It was an eventful weekend. Here are the quotes:

I’m sitting in front of Starbucks, waiting on Michael, when a heavily made-up middle-aged woman approaches and riles up the dogs.

Blanche: “Oh how lovely!”
(the dogs completely lose their shit)
Blanche: “Your chihuahua looks like my baby! His name was Steven St. Domingo! He’s dead.”
(she then picks up my dog and lets him lick her face.)
(she looks at me)
Blanche: “Oh! You have such gorgeous eyes! You look like a malamute huskey! … but you must hear that a lot… I have to go to church now and repent for my sins — of which there are many.”

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Oak Lawn

The fight on Cedar Springs

Dallas Gay Civil Rights March

I am on hold with 911 when the second guy gets punched out.

It’s Sunday evening. My neighbors and I are on the patio of Havana’s nightclub when a fight breaks out on the sidewalk in front of us.

The chaos starts when several guys stumble out of Italia Express (a pizza place next to the bar). A heavyset guy in a purple shirt is screaming at a thinner man. Their friends are trying to hold the purple-shirted-man back when he shoves the skinny guy.

The skinny guy whacks his head on the pavement and then passes out with his hand hanging in the flooded street gutter.

Half the people on the Havana’s patio whip out their cellphones to call 911. Everyone gets a busy signal.

I run inside and ask the bar staff to call the police.
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Exploring Bishop Arts

Tillman's Roadhouse relaunch party in Bishop Arts, Dallas

I went to Dallas’ Bishop Arts District for the first time last month while covering the re-launch party for Tillman’s Roadhouse.

After getting the gist of the party and giving overly-detailed instructions to my photographer, I took a short tour of the neighborhood.

Having a beer at Parker Barrow's Draft House in Dallas

Having a beer at Parker Barrow’s Draft House in Dallas

The First-Timers

Everyone that I met at the Tillman’s party was horrified that I have never been to Bishop Arts before.

Michael has lived in the Dallas area for 7 years and this was his first time to Bishop Arts as well. Maybe we are just the odd ones who never get out of the gayborhood? Continue reading “Exploring Bishop Arts” »