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Bats & Pitbulls: night of randomness…

Several of my housemates have started busing home because of the cold.

I walked home for lunch, but decided to try the bus-thing after school..

After 5 minutes on the bus I had an epiphany: The University of Minnesota has campuses in St. Paul and Minneapolis. The campus connector bus probably connects the campuses

I looked out the window and realized the bus was on the expressway to St. Paul. Doh.

Next time I take the campus shuttle...

I eventually get back to Minneapolis and buy a McFlurry from McDonald’s. The nice thing about -8 is that McFlurrys don’t melt on the way home…

30 minutes later I’m in the living room watching TV with some housemates. The doorbell rings.

It’s a woman smoking a cigarette, holding a 12-pack of beer and a pitbull-lab mix on a leash.
Woman: “I got in a fight with my boyfriend. I’m going to stay at a hotel tonight or something…Can I wait in your foyer while I wait for the cab? I gave them your address…”
So we had a pitbull running around the living room while three of us were looking up dog-friendly hotels…

***update… my housemate just walked out with a bat in a box… I guess another bat got in the house…
Housemate #1: “Aww! The bat looked so cute! It was so small!”
Housemate #2: “What? No! I was gonna go bat-shit on that bat!”
Housemate #1: “Oh look, my humidifier just came! I’m gonna go humidify myself!
Things are too weird right now. I’m going to bed.

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    January 27, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    I’ve got some crazy stuff going on this week as well… glad to know that I’m not the only one dealing with the crazy.

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