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Best Winter Ever

We kicked winter off with Jean’s graduation party:

I then flew to Miami for Christmas:

My camera took a longer vacation than I did. My mother and I went to Coconut Grove with one of her coworkers, and I left the camera in their car. They went to the Florida keys the next day…so the camera had to be mailed back to Minneapolis.

There was also a little drammy in Miami:
Mom: “I’m about to call the police on his ass! Jose told me: ‘punch me in the face, I need to feel pain.’ See a few days ago he met this girl…”
I came back to Minneapolis shortly before New Years and spent New Year’s Eve playing vintage video games with Jamie.

What else? There was Catch Phrase…

…and ridiculous stores…

And snow:

I found a bat in my house:

There was James Patterson, John Grisham, and a lot of Court TV. It then got really cold, so I bought a face mask… I now look like a bank robber.

Jamie and I are ending the break in Bemidji (where he went to Undergrad). It was a fun break, but I’m ready to start school.

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