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Flamingo Pool Cocktails

Flamingo pool floaties

Amazon purchases at the pool are generally a bad life choice, but there are exceptions.

Last week we saw a guy with a flamingo beverage floatie at the pool. It was so campy that we had to buy some (because, adulting.) A quick Amazon search revealed that flamingo floaties are only $15 for a dozen, so the purchase was a no-brainer.

Flamingo Cocktails

Flamingo cocktails with floaties.

iLume Pool

At the iLume pool with our moonshine based cocktails.

Moonshine cocktails

Moonshine-based cocktails at the iLume pool.

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Cocktails Oak Lawn

Summer Pool Cocktails

Iced cocktails at the iLume Park pool.

The pool is one of the best parts of my apartment building.

It’s a great place to relax and socialize with a cocktail during the horribly hot Dallas summers.

However, this summer we had to change our pool strategy.

The demographics of our apartment building changed this spring and now the pool is overrun with children. Our neighbors like to lounge around the pool with booze, whereas children love to run, scream, dive, and splash each other.


It is hard to relax with a mimosa when your pool feels like a Chuck E. Cheese waterpark.

That’s why we fled to iLume – the building across the street. Our complex has the same owner, so they allow us to use the iLume pool for small one-time fee. The awkwardness of walking on Cedar Springs with a bathing suit on is totally worth it.

Cocktails at the iLume Park pool in Oak Lawn, Dallas.

Cocktails at the iLume Park pool in Oak Lawn, Dallas.

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Cocktails Just Sayin Oak Lawn

Why Neighborhood Bars are Not on the Decline

Starbucks Wine

After living in Texas for almost a year, I still occasionally experience culture shock.

For example, when I visited Whole Foods in Highland Park for the first time, I was surprised to see a woman inspecting the kale selection while nursing a glass of wine.

Apparently all of the Whole Foods stores in Dallas have bars and happy hour at the grocery store is “a thing.” Perhaps alcohol makes the prices easier to swallow?

Many business are getting into booze – you can drink at most fast-casual restaurants like Chipotle and Taco Cabana, and even Starbucks offers wine now. Continue reading “Why Neighborhood Bars are Not on the Decline” »

Cocktails Oak Lawn

The Odyssey: Finding a Pabst Blue Ribbon Tallboy in Dallas

Pabst Blue Ribbon - PBR beer

Michael and I went on an epic PBR journey in the gayborhood.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a beer that I fell in love with back in Minnesota.

PBR is the beer of the hipster crowd – a cheap light beer that actively markets to young musicians and artists. You could not go to a dive bar or lesbian dance night in Minneapolis without seeing a sea of PBR cans.

The special thing about PBR is that it comes in 16 ounce “tallboy” cans despite being the same price (if not cheaper) than Budweiser. That’s why PBR is a favorite among broke grad school students. Continue reading “The Odyssey: Finding a Pabst Blue Ribbon Tallboy in Dallas” »


Drinking the Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid ice

I started regularly drinking Kool-Aid for the first time since grade school.

Although I feel incredibly judged while buying Kool-Aid packets at Kroger, my intentions are rather responsible.

I buy Kool-Aid for two reasons:

  1. Staying hydrated in this Texas heat, and,
  2. Avoiding the awful ingredients and calories in many cocktail mixers.

So I recently started throwing Kool-Aid in my ice sphere molds. (I bought mine at World Market in Oak Lawn, but they are the same price on Amazon.)

During the day, I pop the colored ice spheres into club soda or mineral water. The ice spheres release a light color and flavor which is identical to many of the expensive flavored waters at the store.

In the evenings and weekends, the colored ice spheres can be used as a calorie-free way of spicing up a vodka-soda or mimosa. Continue reading “Drinking the Kool-Aid” »