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The busker

The street dancer's platform shoes.

The street performers in Oak Lawn vary — from real musicians and performers to people in the middle of drug-induced episodes.

We recently came across a fabulous Michael Jackson-like performer who reminded me of Disco Stu from South Beach

Disco Stu was this fabulous greasy-haired busker who was well-known on Lincoln Road. He had bedazzled platform shoes and an old boombox that blasted oldies. I saw him almost every weekend in college. Continue reading “The busker” »

memories Oak Lawn

Moving out of the gayborhood

Lightning above the Trinity River in Dallas

I finally moved out of the gayborhood.

This move was yet another tedious experience in which I was confronted by dog hair balls, poor purchasing choices, and clothes that no longer fit.

One unexpected aspect of this move was the rain — I was leaving Ilume Park with a carload of stuff when the sky just collapsed all around me.

Here’s what it looked like in a video posted by a local weatherman:

A video of a "rain foot" over downtown Dallas.

A video of a “rain foot” over downtown Dallas.

The technical term is a “rain foot” or downburst, but it really felt like the hurricanes that I left in Miami.

I then made the great life choice of getting on the Tollway during the downpour. Several of the low points in the highway were flooded and traffic was reduced to a single lane. One guy driving a beamer attempted to blast through the flood waters and got stuck. I made it to the new apartment however. Continue reading “Moving out of the gayborhood” »

Oak Lawn

Crime in the Gayborhood

The gayborhood feels considerably safer than it did last year, but we still have some bizarre crime stories.

Here’s a running list of notable crime stories in Oak Lawn.

Police documenting the scene of an officer attack in Oak Lawn.

Police documenting the scene of an officer attack in Oak Lawn.

The Naked Brawler — April 16, 2016

Michael and I were walking the dogs on Easter Sunday when we noticed a bunch of police cars swarming the closed AT&T store across from Starbucks and Eatzi’s.

It was strange to see four Dallas Police cars and two Highland Park patrol cars around a closed store. We grabbed Starbucks and watched as a crime lab van pulled up.

I took a picture of the squad cars and sent it to our breaking news team to investigate. What they found out was hilarious: a Highland Park officer apparently came across a naked woman in the street around 9 a.m.

She was distraught and punched him. Continue reading “Crime in the Gayborhood” »

dogs Oak Lawn

Back to the tennis courts

Apollo the German shepherd with Ingird the Labradoodle

We finally made our way back to the tennis courts to wear out Ingrid, our labradoodle, and Apollo, the German shepherd that we recently sponsored.

The enclosed tennis courts in our neighborhood are perfect for letting the dogs run around. The speed of our tennis game usually means that they can’t grab the balls — although there were a few close calls.

Apollo the German shepherd with Ingird the Labradoodle

Apollo the German shepherd at the Perry Heights tennis courts.

By the end of the game, some of the tennis balls were so soaked in dog drool that it felt like hitting a water balloon. (Those ended up getting thrown out.)

And yes, it was as disgusting as it sounds. Continue reading “Back to the tennis courts” »

Oak Lawn Restaurants

A look at the new “Q Tacos at Machos Cantina” in Oak Lawn

Q Tacos at Machos Cantina in Oak Lawn / Cedar Springs, Dallas

We got a sneak preview of the “Q Tacos at Machos Cantina” yesterday – a.k.a. the relaunch of Quesa on Cedar Springs.

The restaurant has been open since at least this weekend, but they were still finishing up some things last night ahead of this evening’s launch party.

What’s new

Design: The décor is updated, including the removal of that hideous stretched-out picture from above the Quesa kitchen. The patio wallpaper is new as well.

Q Tacos at Machos Cantina in Oak Lawn / Cedar Springs, Dallas

An artist finishing the interior illustrations at Q Tacos at Machos Cantina in Oak Lawn, Dallas

Concept: The interior dining room (Machos Cantina) has more of a lounge feel than it did before. The kitchen (Q Tacos) now has a walk-up window where you can order and pay for your food. It also has a second window facing the patio that will be open after-hours. Continue reading “A look at the new “Q Tacos at Machos Cantina” in Oak Lawn” »