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My Samsung Gear Fit Watch

My Samsung Gear Fit2

The only good thing to come out of last fall’s Samsung cellphone recall saga was that I received a free Samsung Gear Fit2 with my phone as a pre-order promotion.

I had to give back my Note 2 because of the recall, but Samsung never asked for the watch back. (Could you imagine?)

This was also around the time when my Fitbit died for the second time, so I was in the market for a new watch anyway.

After about six months with the Gear Fit2, I am still happy with it and do not miss my Fitbit at all. Continue reading “My Samsung Gear Fit Watch” »

Dallas dogs fitness

The Katy Trailers

Katy Trail in Uptown Dallas

Gunter and I have started spending some serious time on the Katy Trail.

The Katy Trail is a long biking and walking path that cuts through Uptown Dallas. You can take the trail toward downtown Dallas or Highland Park.

We typically go for 5.5 miles in the morning and 3 or 4 miles in the evening.

My Fitbit friends must hate me.

fitbit score

A good week on Fitbit, mostly due to our rambling Katy Trail walks.

The Katy Trail poses some interesting logistical problems.

It’s ass-hot in Dallas during the summer, so we typically have to start our morning jaunts around 5 a.m. Continue reading “The Katy Trailers” »


The Fledgling Gym Rat

I have not gone to the gym this consistently since college.

There is no incidental exercise for me in Dallas.

I work from home. There’s a grocery and liquor store across the street. There are two dog parks in my complex, and 20 gay bars and restaurants within a few blocks of my apartment.

Long dog walks are also tricky.


It is routinely over 100 degrees in Dallas during the day, so I long walks have to happen at 5 a.m. or 10 p.m. Continue reading “The Fledgling Gym Rat” »


Reviving the Fitbit

Fitbit replacement

I purchased my first Fitbit over a year ago.

Before Fitbit, I relied solely on smartphone-based apps such as Map My Run. All of these apps were clunky and required me to manually log workouts.

I finally made the leap to wearables after seeing (the one and only) Zachariah Schnaap broadcast his workouts on Twitter and Facebook. It seemed cool, I had an extra $100 to spare…so why not?

Why I Like My Fitbit Flex

I have tried a few other wearable fitness gadgets but the Fitbit Flex remains my favorite for a few reasons:

  • Wearability: The Fitbit Flex is the same size as those yellow Armstrong wristbands. It is secure enough not to get lost like a clip-on device and small enough to wear with a watch on the same wrist. It is relatively cheap too, so I am not worried about it getting snatched like an Apple Watch.
  • Phone syncing: My Fitbit automatically syncs via bluetooth every time that I launch the Fitbit app on my phone. There is no need to log onto for anything after initial setup.
  • Battery charge: The battery for a Fitbit Flex can last up to a few weeks without recharging. The only caveat is that you cannot have your phone app set to constantly sync with your device – that will drain your battery in a few hours.
  • Analytics and Competition:  I love how Fitbit allows you to track your weekly progress and compare yourself to your friends. (Almost like Google Analytics for fitness!)
Fitbit dashboard

A screenshot of the dashboard. The app experience is very similar.

I really started to appreciate the Fitbit Flex after my company launched a “Global Fitness Challenge” program.

Continue reading “Reviving the Fitbit” »