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LLM on the record

Jack gets called out

Man on phone picture by Photo by on Unsplash

The semester is off to quite the start – my days are filled with Westlaw searches, Tax Notes, and Bloomberg Portfolios.

And then there are the classes.

A few things have changed since my J.D. days in Minnesota – TWEN has been ditched for something called Canvas and I am expected to find all of my assigned readings online, which means that I did not have to purchase any books. (Which is amazing!)

…and there is definitely something different about the younger students. Continue reading “Jack gets called out” »

Law School on the record

OTR: Death Penalty throwdown

Dark stairwell by Carlos Martinez via Stocksnap

My last Death Penalty class consisted of a group debate.

The professors assigned one of three Supreme Court cert petitions to each student  and we wrote response briefs.

Today we defended our briefs in group debates. I spent the majority of our debate challenging Nancy Grace: “The defendant recruited four guys to invade Joana’s home, pistol whipped her husband, threw Joana in the car, and stole her bayyybay!” Continue reading “OTR: Death Penalty throwdown” »