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Sliding into Summer (and bar prep!)

Downtown Dallas near the Omni Hotel

Summertime is nigh.

Rising temperatures and tornado outbreaks mean that springtime is almost over in Dallas.

My days are zipping by quickly with extremely early work mornings and a demanding bar prep schedule, but I’m still making time to walk the dogs and hit up the usual gayborhood spots with friends.

Cassie Nova hosting a drag show at S4 nightclub in Dallas.

Cassie Nova hosting a drag show at S4 nightclub in Dallas.

Gunter and Ingrid on a dog walk in the Perry Heights section of the gayborhood.

Gunter and Ingrid on a dog walk in the Perry Heights section of the gayborhood.

Comparing our shoes at an Oak Lawn happy hour.

Comparing our shoes at an Oak Lawn happy hour.

Gunter, the chiweenie on our balcony one morning.

Gunter, the chiweenie on our balcony one morning.

Back to studying

I’m sitting for the July bar exam here in Dallas, which means that I’m undergoing the bar prep experience that many of my old classmates did years ago.

Back at Thomson Reuters, my positions were J.D.-preferred, so getting licensed was never a priority. Continue reading “Sliding into Summer (and bar prep!)” »

Daily Law

Magazines & Lawsuits

Here’s what I’m talking about this morning.

1. Magazines! We subscribe to a lot of them.

Many of the magazines, especially Bloomberg Businessweek, are like little works of art. The impressive design allows our magazines to double as temporary table decorations. (Or pretty clutter.) Continue reading “Magazines & Lawsuits” »


Catch & Release Policing

Dallas Gay Civil Rights March

The Supreme Court issued an extremely disappointing opinion on Monday.

The case is Utah v. Strieff, and the opinion caused all of my former law school friends to collectively lose their damn minds.


My Facebook feed was littered with horrified posts about the court “declaring open season on illegal searches and seizures.”

I read a few articles on the opinion, which seemed so outlandishly wrong that I had to listen to the oral argument and read the opinion myself to verify that this wasn’t being spun.

And sadly, everyone is right – the court basically gave the police an incentive to stop whomever they want, for whatever reason that they want. Continue reading “Catch & Release Policing” »

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How Facebook Killed the Personal Blog

Laptop and iced coffee at a cafe by Startup Stock Photos via StockSnap

A recent WordPress theme update forced me to do a massive manual update of the 2,000+ posts on this blog.

Although layout and coding changes always threaten to mangle the appearance of my old posts, the bulk of the content remains, thankfully.

My semi-annual dive into my archives was sobering, with all of the usual angst regarding whether my best years are behind me.

I also noticed that many of the blogs that I used to read have gone silent or disappeared altogether.

I’m not going to rewrite Frank Chimero’s seminal Homesteading Blog, but I will state the obvious – personal blogs, particular law blogs, tend to have a very short lifespan.

There are always the usual concerns about a potential employer (or opposing counsel) finding your blog, but there is something else at work here – Facebook. Continue reading “How Facebook Killed the Personal Blog” »


Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt

Abortion Protesters

The Texas Abortion Case Audio is Here!

My new state embarrassed itself in front of the Supreme Court last week.

Texas Solicitor General Scott Keller attempted to defend Texas’s anti-abortion law to the court, and it was a hot mess.

Audio of the oral arguments for Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt are finally live on the Supreme Court’s website, and it is worth taking a listen.

This is the court’s first abortion case in 9 years and involves a Texas regulation which dramatically reduces abortion access for Texas women.

Slate’s Amicus podcast did a really interesting episode on the case.

The Atlantic’s story on the case is also a pretty comprehensive summary, but it is worth listening to the full audio of the hearing. Continue reading “Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt” »