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Jansen goes to Washington

Washington DC Cherry Blossoms by Ashton Bingham

After almost two years in Dallas, I’m getting ready for a new adventure — this time in Washington D.C.!

Michael is transferring to the Thomson Reuters office in D.C., meanwhile I have been accepted into the Taxation LL.M. program at Georgetown University Law Center. (The LL.M. is a 1-year tax law program with post-graduation job applications starting this month.) Continue reading “Jansen goes to Washington” »

2012 Summer Law School – 3L Life pictures Tader Thomson Reuters unsolicited advice

My 25th Year: Failure, Mess, and Growth

Walking up the stairs

Twenty-five was a very difficult year.

I’m turning 26 in about a month and I’m ending the year on a rather unexpected note. This past year was marked by transitioning from law school life, a failed relationship, my burgeoning corporate career, and being fabulous. Continue reading “My 25th Year: Failure, Mess, and Growth” »

2011 Winter Just Sayin Law School Marketing Thomson Reuters

The interview

Man in office by Bethany Legg via Unsplash

Part of the reason why I am employed at my company is because I had the dumb luck of being recruited from twitter during my first year of law school.

That random break and the great people I’ve met along the way have allowed me to create a career for myself. That is why I try to recommend my qualified friends for open positions as strongly as I can without being obnoxious. Continue reading “The interview” »

2011 Winter Best Week Ever HTC EVO 4G pictures Law School – 3L Life Miami Minneapolis-St. Paul Nordeast Apartment Nordeast Minneapolis pictures Uptown Apartment Whittier / Uptown Minneapolis

Another Year

Ledkote: 1956

What a year.

I started the year as a 3L law student living in a mouse infested apartment building in Whittier.

My weeks were hectic. I spent my time jetting between my last few classes, my internship in the suburbs, tax training, and a public defender clerkship in downtown St. Paul.

Things changed quickly when I secured a permanent position at my company and started working full-time in February. There were also drag shows, long nights at Jetset, and blizzards.


The snow melted and classes ended quietly. Pride came and went, I turned 25, and I finally moved out of my ghettotastic apartment.

Work got busy once I moved.  Drag shows and dancing were exchanged for Netflix marathons. I was promoted at work and got good at making brownies and mojitos.

By the time of my Miami trip I was 20 pounds heavier than I was at the beginning of the year.

I took the love handles to Miami anyway, which was fairly epic.

The Manor House Fort Lauderdale


I started personal training at LA Fitness again upon returning, so I was horribly sore once New Year’s Eve rolled around. I was one of the DDs for New Year’s despite the best attempts of some people in our group.


My goals for this year include working harder, spending more time on creative projects, and losing these 20 pounds. Hopefully my grueling morning workouts help me get there.

Ending the year plump and employed isn’t bad, but 2012 will be better.

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The fledgling blogger

Apartment with laptop

I just met a student from my old law school at Dunn Brothers. I managed to calm the 1L about her upcoming final. I also gave her some leads about clinics and jobs.

Those who succeeded in law school were either the manic-workhorses or those with solid mentors (or, more likely, a combination of both.) The quick advice from an older student is invaluable and something I found in the form of blogs.

The conversation made me realize that there is a subset of people who view blog authors as ersatz mentors and role models. I was one of these people and definitely relied on bloggers (like her and her and them) for advice and support. Continue reading “The fledgling blogger” »