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A happy hour pause for the 1Ls

Dinner for two

I have leftover pizza, an exceptional Absolut cocktail, and episode 2 of the A-List: New York waiting for me, but I am taking a happy hour pause to speak to the 1Ls because I love you like Joan Rivers loves botox. Y’all still around?

A few friendly reminders:

  1. Breathe.
  2. Start organizing your notes this weekend (outlining) so you don’t have a “oh shit” moment at Thanksgiving when you realize that finals are around the corner. Use the syllabus as a skeletal outline and see if you need to review anything from the beginning of the semester. This is also a good time to hit up classmates for missing notes.
  3. Consider book briefing.
  4. Stop procrastinating your legal writing work. That will bite you in the ass. I promise.
  5. You didn’t become superhuman upon surviving two months of law school. You still need to sleep and eat, and on a related note…
  6. Remember to embrace the burnout.

For example, today I ran around for about 12 hours: studying, fumbling around the tax clinic, dealing with the meltdown of my craptastic school laptop, and attending class (without a laptop ah!)
I have an essay, a research paper, and a presentation to finish. But I am not doing any more work today. I am going to partake in this pizza,  my cocktail, and watch my trashy reality show before I go to bed. Continue reading “A happy hour pause for the 1Ls” »

Law School – 1L unsolicited advice


Books and notepad at Library


My dear, sweet, bacon-scented, dahling 0Ls: calm down.

So this is what happens: Your type-A student gets accepted, picks a law school, and then proceeds to freak out and annoy everyone.

I did it too, but it’s obnoxious. So stop.

If you are going to UMN law school in the fall, just email me if you have questions. Plenty of your future classmates are already in contact. I’ll either answer your questions or put you into contact with someone who can. Continue reading “Dahlings!” »

Law School – 1L unsolicited advice

Picking a law school

Man working on laptop by Bench Accounting via Unsplash

Update 12/30/2016 – A lot has changed since this post was originally published in 2010 – The ABA has since required law schools to publish standardized disclosures, rendering a lot of the information below outdated. Check out newer law student blogs for more up-to-date information.

Since my last advice post I received a lot of messages from 0Ls trying to choose between schools. Here are three common themes:

1) Prestige.

Unless you are considering a top 5 or top 10 school, focus on what city or region you want to practice law in.

For example, if you want to live in Seattle, then going to Less Prestigious School of Law in downtown Seattle is probably a better idea than going to a “top 40” school in Georgia.

The top 10-40 schools will tout the few alumni who made it in swank, distant cities to oversell their national reputation. Go to the “okay” school in the city you want to practice in, volunteer, build a network of local attorneys and land a job. Continue reading “Picking a law school” »

1L summer Thomson Reuters


Glasses on book by Dariusz Sankowski via Stocksnap

I’m walking through my intern farm at work with a stack of cases.

Jack is the only other intern at work today, so of course I have to trip right by his cubicle. My cases become airborn and crash everywhere.

I’m scrambling to pick up the cases when Jack spins around in his chair with a huge Cheshire Cat grin:

Jack: “You do that a lot don’t you?”


1L summer dogs

And your grand total is…


There are two vets at my animal hospital: Dr. Smooth and Dr. Timid.

Dr. Smooth just graduated from vet school. He’s young. He’s hip. He has a soul patch.

Dr. Timid is middle aged, quiet and serious. She always looks worried, like she is about to tell you something went horribly wrong and your dog will, in fact, never regain control of his bowels. Have fun with the slip and slide!

So of course Dr. Timid was working today. Continue reading “And your grand total is…” »