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Best Summer Ever Week 15: Prelude to 3L Fall Semester

Law school orientation dominated the past week.

I was an orientation leader and spent the majority of my week convincing 1Ls that they can survive their first year of law school without being crazy. I also squeezed in some hours at the office, a movie, and even went to the Minnesota State Fair with Alesus.

It was my first time at the fair. I went primarily because the state fair is the only place I can buy Shoe MGK cleaner for my tacky white Aldo shoes. I also wanted to try camel on a stick.

Apparently the camel-sellers left the fair early, but I managed to buy the shoe cleaner, which was a life changing experience.

The Minnesota State Fair was surprisingly fun and great people watching.

There were cows:

minnesota state fair 2010


minnesota state fair 2010

Fancy kiosks with enormous light bills:

minnesota state fair 2010

“You got served” style dance-offs: Continue reading “Best Summer Ever Week 15: Prelude to 3L Fall Semester” »

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Orientation Day 4: Ready for this Jelly

Yesterday was the last day of orientation. It was only a half-day and the 1Ls were very grateful.
During the last session with our 1L section, we made sure to drive home the three main rules for law school:

  1. Respect your classmates.
  2. Don’t be crazy.
  3. You’ll be fine.

…and hopefully some of those stick. I think they are ready for this Jelly.

The 1Ls were stuck in lecture sessions for most of the morning, so the orientation leaders just sat around, chatted, and stared at the Mondalelisa, which is the glamor shot of Walter Mondale in the law school entrance.

Walter Mondale

Mondale always seems to stare right at you, and his smile becomes a sneer after a while.

Walter Mondale


After orientation I went to work, and ended the night watching Machete with Alesus. Continue reading “Orientation Day 4: Ready for this Jelly” »

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The Muck Monsters

Alesus and I decided to take a nature-tour with the krakens. Of course the path near the river was flooded and the dogs had to charge right through the middle of the muck:

muddy dogs


muddy dogs

And I, being ever so prepared, decided to wear flipflops.

muddy dogs

Good thing the dog harnesses made it super easy to throw the dogs in the river to torture clean them off.

And yes, the back seat of my car is a hot mess.
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