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My 25th Year: Failure, Mess, and Growth

Walking up the stairs

Twenty-five was a very difficult year.

I’m turning 26 in about a month and I’m ending the year on a rather unexpected note. This past year was marked by transitioning from law school life, a failed relationship, my burgeoning corporate career, and being fabulous. Continue reading “My 25th Year: Failure, Mess, and Growth” »

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Another Year

Ledkote: 1956

What a year.

I started the year as a 3L law student living in a mouse infested apartment building in Whittier.

My weeks were hectic. I spent my time jetting between my last few classes, my internship in the suburbs, tax training, and a public defender clerkship in downtown St. Paul.

Things changed quickly when I secured a permanent position at my company and started working full-time in February. There were also drag shows, long nights at Jetset, and blizzards.


The snow melted and classes ended quietly. Pride came and went, I turned 25, and I finally moved out of my ghettotastic apartment.

Work got busy once I moved.  Drag shows and dancing were exchanged for Netflix marathons. I was promoted at work and got good at making brownies and mojitos.

By the time of my Miami trip I was 20 pounds heavier than I was at the beginning of the year.

I took the love handles to Miami anyway, which was fairly epic.

The Manor House Fort Lauderdale


I started personal training at LA Fitness again upon returning, so I was horribly sore once New Year’s Eve rolled around. I was one of the DDs for New Year’s despite the best attempts of some people in our group.


My goals for this year include working harder, spending more time on creative projects, and losing these 20 pounds. Hopefully my grueling morning workouts help me get there.

Ending the year plump and employed isn’t bad, but 2012 will be better.

3L Spring HTC EVO 4G pictures Life Minneapolis-St. Paul pictures


Today’s weather is why people love Minneapolis.

Uptown Minneapolis

It’s spring, the hipsters are out, and the weather is at a sunny 65-degrees. Bliss.

Uptown Minneapolis

The day starts with a dog walk around Uptown. Keeping them from demolishing people’s flower beds is harder than it looks.

I throw the dogs back into the apartment and join Mike at the Stella’s Fish Cafe rooftop. The view is amazing, but it is so windy that occasional screams are heard as the plastic water cups launch onto unsuspecting laps.

Oh, and I think they are hiring spell checkers…

Uptown Minneapolis

Our poor waitress is so overwhelmed. She is the only server for the upper level rooftop and she has about a dozen tables at one point. Things get so desperate that the bus-girl starts taking orders and filling waters. The waitress looks like she was about to cry, but we are in no rush because Stella’s has $5 mojitos when you check in on foursquare. Freaking-yeah.

Uptown Minneapolis

After a detour to South Minneapolis, the party continues with Kristin and entourage at Tryg’s, near Lake Calhoun. We sit by the fire pit:

Uptown Minneapolis

This is a cool  idea in theory, but a fire pit is not so cool when you are down-wind. We smelled like smoked fish by the time we left. It was so bad that I run to the gas station and buy a $10 can of axe to freshen up.

Tryg’s was good for some excellent people watching though:

Uptown Minneapolis

Uptown Minneapolis

Yes that’s a red tie and a page-boy cut. You should have seen the socks. Not pictured is the wine-clutching grandpa and the mulleted biker.

We then go back to Stellas to join a bloated group of someone else’s friends. There weren’t enough seats at Stella’s so we ditched the girls and ended the night around the corner with sushi at Fushion.

Uptown Minneapolis

I also manage to set up a date for tomorrow while at Fushion. Not a bad way to end my graduation weekend.

The real world starts tomorrow.

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Minneapolis Saturday

Downtown Minneapolis

The day started with me bumming around downtown Minneapolis. It was rainy, but I wore red suede shoes anyway.

Downtown Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis

After participating in a Target fire drill, I eventually end up in Uptown where I sat at the Spyhouse until the internet gave out. I think they prevent lingerers by periodically killing the internet for certain users.

There was a pizza/reality-TV detour, but I eventually mopped the tomato sauce off my face and went to the Eagle and met Mike and Jack there. The Eagle was pretty low-key so we eventually end up at Jetset.

Of course Casey and entourage are outside of Jetset, raising hell. Mike and I did the screaming “Hayyy girl!” greeting and then got our shimmy on with a 8-foot-drag queen and her denim-dress-wearing friend. What a perfectly random night.

3L Spring HTC EVO 4G pictures Law School – 3L Life Minneapolis-St. Paul pictures

Graduation Libations

Krave the nightclub

The graduation weekend started at the Eagle with Darmor. Kristin and I continue the hilarity at Lush, where they are out of mint yet again.

Mojito-less, we have to resort to a mystery purple drink that tastes just like grape freezy-pops. And no, that is not as tasty as it sounds.
There’s a costume change and the mojito party picks up at Jetset. Richard and Robert are there, as well as Casey and his entourage. The mojitos at Jetset are good but the music is a bit dull, so we begrudgingly decide to go to Krave.
Krave is a seasonal party at Karma nightclub in downtown Minneapolis. I avoided Krave at Karma in the past because it felt like a hassle and a risk. Am I going to hunt down parking, spend $10 on cover and be disappointed when other bars are free? Plus these special-event parties tend to be on bad homework weekends… Excuses, right?

Well, I got over myself and went. And lawd,

Krave at Karma

It was like a miniature version of South Beach’s Score nightclub. The theme was Jersey Shore so you know Kristin rocked the Snooki bump.

Krave at Karma

Krave at Karma

There are also a few JWowws skipping around and a lot of fist pumping. I love it! The DJ sticks to 5-year-old dance hits and the occasional top-40 remix (Enrique). We are all thoroughly underwhelmed but make the best of it by having a mini-runway competition on the upper floors of the club. Verk!

What a hilarious start to the graduation weekend. More hilarity to come.