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Tax and Starbucks

It’s Friday night and instead of sipping on a cocktail at happy hour, I am sifting through tax regulations.

My volunteer gig for this spring is with the Dallas Community Tax Centers – a non-profit which provides free tax preparation services to low and moderate income individuals.

I worked with a similar VITA program in Minneapolis.

Taking advanced tax law classes at night after work was very draining. It made me rethink my perennial flirtation with getting a second degree. Continue reading “Taxing” »

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Still Festive

Christmas lights in Perry Heights, Dallas, Texas

The holidays are over, but the lights are still up.

The busiest part of my winter is always after the holiday season ends – my clients are ready to start ambitious projects, we have an all-team meeting in Minnesota this coming February, and tax season is rearing its ugly head.

I’m volunteering with a community tax center again this year. That means that I am joining a hoard of accountants to provide free tax services to low-and-moderate income individuals in the Dallas area. Continue reading “Still Festive” »

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A Very Nordeast Spring

I know it’s time to post when I get the concerned “are you alive?” emails from readers. Well, I’m still here, and it has been a hilarious couple of weeks.

Let’s start with the most cliché shot of Minneapolis ever: the stone arch bridge:

Minneapolis stone arch bridge

Minneapolis Nordeast Spring

Cee Cee Russell at the Gay 90’s:

Cee Cee Russell Gay 90s

There are some hardcore bikers at LA Fitness. I want to buy a vintage canary yellow moped and park it next to this:

Motorcycle Roseville

Continue reading “A Very Nordeast Spring” »

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Smiling while failing

Technology failed me during these past two weeks. This is how I started the morning:


If you soften your gaze and back away slowly, the fail whale will appear.

Blue screens lit up my work computer throughout the weekend and the beginning of the week. I also caught some version of the plague Saturday night, but meetings and computer repair issues brought my germy-body to the office on Monday and Tuesday.

At times the sinus pressure was so great that my right eye would start pouring as I talked to coworkers. I’m pretty sure they wanted to swat me away with a Lysol wipe. Continue reading “Smiling while failing” »