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Why we don’t need additional colors on the pride flag

Dallas Pride iLume Drag Queen

The Philadelphia Office of LGBT Affairs recently came out with a new pride flag that adds black and brown stripes.

I am not sure whether the “More Color More Pride” is a cynical publicity stunt or a misguided attempt at inclusion.

Here are the three biggest problems with the redesigned flag:

1. The pride flag isn’t about race.

The colors on the original pride flag designed by Gilbert Baker represented the race-neutral themes of “sexuality, life, healing, sun, nature, art, harmony, and spirit.”
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Fort Worth LGBT

Drag Brunch at Urban Cowboy Saloon

The #IAmUrban sign / Disco Guitar at Urban Cowboy Saloon, Fort Worth, TX.

We made the trek to Fort Worth this weekend for drag brunch at Urban Cowboy Saloon.

Overall, it was a fun experience and a great show.

Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed drag brunch at Urban Cowboy Saloon, Fort Worth, TX.

Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed drag brunch at Urban Cowboy Saloon, Fort Worth, TX.

The drag brunch cast at Urban Cowboy Saloon, Fort Worth, TX.

The drag brunch cast at Urban Cowboy Saloon, Fort Worth, TX.

The theme was purportedly “Rocky Horror Picture Show” but the drag queens performed at many non-Rocky Horror songs. This probably kept the show more interesting for people unfamiliar with the movie. Continue reading “Drag Brunch at Urban Cowboy Saloon” »

LGBT Oak Lawn

The fight on Cedar Springs

Dallas Gay Civil Rights March

I am on hold with 911 when the second guy gets punched out.

It’s Sunday evening. My neighbors and I are on the patio of Havana’s nightclub when a fight breaks out on the sidewalk in front of us.

The chaos starts when several guys stumble out of Italia Express (a pizza place next to the bar). A heavyset guy in a purple shirt is screaming at a thinner man. Their friends are trying to hold the purple-shirted-man back when he shoves the skinny guy.

The skinny guy whacks his head on the pavement and then passes out with his hand hanging in the flooded street gutter.

Half the people on the Havana’s patio whip out their cellphones to call 911. Everyone gets a busy signal.

I run inside and ask the bar staff to call the police.
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My year in Dallas

Station 4 Dallas

What a year!

Here are the highlights from my first full year in Dallas.

Work: After seven years at Thomson Reuters, I made the jump to The Dallas Morning News in July.

Home: This spring, I moved into a new apartment in the same building. My building’s original management company also had a very ugly decline which culminated in a sale. (Sadly, the new company isn’t much better.)

ilume park small dog park

ilume Park’s small dog park, covered in poop.

Life: I turned 30 years old this year, but celebrations were muted because of the Pulse nightclub attack and downtown Dallas police ambush. Around that time I also came across a dead body on the morning dog walk. So there’s that.

This fall, I also bought a new phone which happened to be recalled.

Katy Trail in Dallas Suicide

A reporter at the scene of a suicide near Katy Trail.

Celebrations: Here are some of the events that I made it to this year:

There were also countless drag shows and pageants, brunches with friends, and very long dog walks.

I’m probably leaving a lot out, but those were the high points of the year. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

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Daily LGBT Oak Lawn

Crap and crime in the gayborhood

ilume park small dog park

Here’s what I’m talking about this morning.

1. The shit field: The small dog park in my apartment building has become a chaotic biohazard. It’s generally too filthy to use, and we can hear dogs barking long into the night.

The number of dogs some tenants have contributes to the problem. You have to be paying really close attention when you have four dogs running around.

2. Bank of America: The bank by my apartment keeps getting robbed. It happened earlier this year, and apparently again yesterday. I wonder what the security situation over there is. Continue reading “Crap and crime in the gayborhood” »