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Ingrid turns two

Ingrid the labradoodle explores art in Oak lawn, Dallas.

I sometimes tell people that my labradoodle is still a puppy. She acts like a puppy — hyper, uncontrollably excitable, and easily fooled. But I just realized today that Ingrid is already two years old.

I got Ingrid back in October 2015 (how time flies!) and she’s been tumbling around my apartments ever since. What a quick two years.

Ingrid the labradoodle among the flowers in Perry Heights, Dallas.

Ingrid the labradoodle among the flowers in Perry Heights, Dallas.

Ingrid the Labradoodle at a Highland Park fountain.

Ingrid the Labradoodle at a Highland Park fountain.

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dogs Oak Lawn

Back to the tennis courts

Apollo the German shepherd with Ingird the Labradoodle

We finally made our way back to the tennis courts to wear out Ingrid, our labradoodle, and Apollo, the German shepherd that we recently sponsored.

The enclosed tennis courts in our neighborhood are perfect for letting the dogs run around. The speed of our tennis game usually means that they can’t grab the balls — although there were a few close calls.

Apollo the German shepherd with Ingird the Labradoodle

Apollo the German shepherd at the Perry Heights tennis courts.

By the end of the game, some of the tennis balls were so soaked in dog drool that it felt like hitting a water balloon. (Those ended up getting thrown out.)

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Dead Blondes on “You Must Remember This”

Photo of a blonde woman by Pablo Charnas, Wadowice, Poland, via Unsplash.

One of my favorite podcasts is called You Must Remember This — a Hollywood history series that covers the juicy details behind some of America’s most famous and infamous celebrities.

The new season of You Must Remember This is called “Dead Blondes.” It is all about the tragic deaths of iconic Hollywood blondes such as Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield.

The storytelling is the best part about this podcast. The tales of careers-gone-wrong don’t require any prior knowledge of the actors involved, which is great because I haven’t heard of many of the characters.

I just finished Episode 10: “Barbara Payton,” and it was fascinating. Continue reading “Dead Blondes on “You Must Remember This”” »

Dallas dogs

Meet Apollo

Apollo the German shepherd

Last week we sponsored a German shepherd named Apollo — he’s available through White Rock Dog Rescue.

The backstory: Apollo was taken in by a woman who found him running loose in her neighborhood. The woman couldn’t find the owner and couldn’t keep him because she travels for a living. So she paid to have him vaccinated/chipped and referred him to the dog rescue. Continue reading “Meet Apollo” »


Why we can’t have nice things

Ingrid, our labradoodle in front of Starbucks.

I have a pretty nice apartment, but I rarely have guests over.

There are a few reasons for that:

  1. The nearby gay bars, restaurants, and apartment pools form important third places that make house guests unnecessary.
  2. Constant contact through social media lessens the demand for in-person visits.
  3. We are more likely to meet people out for drag shows or theme park trips than a dinner party.

But the main reason why we rarely have guests is Ingrid, our labradoodle. Continue reading “Why we can’t have nice things” »