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Trivia, lean and mean

The attendance at Trivia was sparse last night. We still won with our three-person team since Randy happened to know 90% of the answers.

Last night was special because of our new Trivia host: Amy.

Trivia Mafia

This is totally a “Paula was okay but Ellen is so much better” situation.

This is Jake, taking pictures on his phone:

Trivia Mafia

He’s really good about taking pictures… posting them is another matter.

And this is Joel’s standard look. He calls it “pondering” but everyone else calls it “bored and unengaged.”

Trivia Mafia

The real message is: “Bitch, my hat is fly. I cannot be bothered.”
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Joel picture of the day

Flush comfort

Yesterday Joel and I went shopping for toilet seat covers.

Toilet Seat

Toilet Seat

Watching Joel ponder the choices was hilarious: white or off-white? Round or oval? Plastic or ceramic? The differences in the potty-seat covers were negligible, but Joel and the Home Depot attendant acted as if Joel was picking something to wear on the red carpet.

I did the same thing last year with Jamie, except for last year we shopped for toilets and this year I’m shopping for toilet seat covers. At this rate my next trip to home depot will be for a plunger or maybe even a toilet brush!! These are wild times people…

Joel and I ran several other errands including a trip past Punch Pizza. Joel had a $6-off coupon, but so did the 100 lined up on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

I kept driving because I refuse to wait outside in line for anything in freezing temperatures unless it involves getting my car out of an impound lot or free Beyonce tickets. And unless Beyonce was breaking it down in the Pizzeria, I didn’t miss much. Next time Punch!

Joel Life Minneapolis-St. Paul pictures

Colbie Caillat, Uncle Kracker, and Dead Hamsters

Last night Joel and I went to the KS95 concert at the Varsity Theater. The concert’s headliners were Uncle Kracker and Colbie Cailatt.

Uncle Kracker’s performance was underwhelming. He just sat the entire time and had minimal crowd interaction. Colbie, whose name I can’t pronounce, was really pleasant to watch and listen to. She’s no Lady Gaga, Brit-Brit, or Beyonce…but she’s a little livelier than Nora Jones and a little less scandalous than Miley.

After the show, Joel and I went to Loring Pasta Bar for a little come-to-Jesus meeting, where Joel had Jesus lighting:


Which brings up a tangent I forgot to go on: the ridiculousness that is becoming “facebook official.”

Facebook official status seems like a casual, trivial thing, but it is actually like sending an engagement announcement to your 600 not-so-closest friends.

Then, after a few weeks or months (when the honeymoon heat fades) facebook-official status can create an awkward feeling of entrapment. Is the other person as serious as you are? Does someone want to break up? Is he a vampire? Are you willing to make that facebook change and take the aftermath?

It’s like calling off a wedding – no one ever believes that the bride and groom sat down calmly over coffee and mutually parted ways. No, everyone from your school dean to your mom will imagine some grand Revolutionary-Road style fight. There has to be screaming, shattered glass, a restraining order, a dead hamster… ie, drama.

None of that happened last night at the Pasta bar. It was more “Can you meet me half way?” than “Ring the Alarm” and there’s no break up or restraining order that I’m aware of. Now the hamster is another matter…

Joel Take Three Uptown Apartment Whittier / Uptown Minneapolis

We gotta bambulance…

Joel and I went to a Vietnamese restaurant1 tonight.

We have not seen each other in about two weeks and needed to dish about our trips.2 Joel brought back a cookie from the Carnegie deli, which is apparently a famous something-or-other from up yonder.

I dropped Joel off, and when I turned onto my street I found it blocked off by an ambulance and a police car. Of course the ambulance was for downstairs neighbor, and the police were pounding on his door when I entered the apartment.


I don’t understand what is going on. The police and ambulance left, and now downstairs neighbor is blaring music…what the hey? This better not mark a repeat of last summer

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2L Fall Finals Joel

Getting it done

It is 8pm. My Conflicts exam is in 12 hours. I feel tired, cranky, and ridiculous.

I haven’t seen my boyfriend in two weeks. He said he was going to come over tonight, but watched a movie with his roommate instead. These are busy times – they live together and haven’t seen each other in a week.

The cream in my coffee tastes off. I look at the “use by” date and it says November 15th. It is December 20th. Epic fail.

Then the dog farts. It smells like rotten mouse.

So I am sitting there – tired, lonely, with undrinkable coffee and unbreathable air. This is not going to work.

I take the dog on a walk. It isn’t so terribly cold, and the air is breathable.

When I come back to the apartment the air is safe again. I dump the coffee and creamer., and pour a fresh cup.

I then sit down, retool the outline, and get it done. 2 more exams and I’m done!