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Moving out of the gayborhood

Lightning above the Trinity River in Dallas

I finally moved out of the gayborhood.

This move was yet another tedious experience in which I was confronted by dog hair balls, poor purchasing choices, and clothes that no longer fit.

One unexpected aspect of this move was the rain — I was leaving Ilume Park with a carload of stuff when the sky just collapsed all around me.

Here’s what it looked like in a video posted by a local weatherman:

A video of a "rain foot" over downtown Dallas.

A video of a “rain foot” over downtown Dallas.

The technical term is a “rain foot” or downburst, but it really felt like the hurricanes that I left in Miami.

I then made the great life choice of getting on the Tollway during the downpour. Several of the low points in the highway were flooded and traffic was reduced to a single lane. One guy driving a beamer attempted to blast through the flood waters and got stuck. I made it to the new apartment however. Continue reading “Moving out of the gayborhood” »

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Last night, We marched

Oak Lawn Pulse NIghtclub Memorial

Last night, hundreds of people gathered at the Dallas LGBT Community Center to support the Pulse Nightclub shooting victims.

All of the important local politicians spoke – the mayor, the police chief, the county judge – and tried to reassure the Dallas gay community that we are safe. The crowd then marched the length of the gayborhood from the Resource Center to the Oak Lawn monument.

Cops and cameras were everywhere.

Oak Lawn Pulse NIghtclub Memorial

Mourners lay flowers and candles at the Oak Lawn Pulse memorial.

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Best Week Ever LGBT memories Oak Lawn

Best Week Ever 2: Oak Lawn After Pulse

Oak Lawn Dallas Centrum

The texts started flying early.

Notifications lit up my cellphone like a Christmas tree this morning – a gunman killed at least 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, and everyone was either sharing the news story or asking whether we lost anyone.

After confirming that our friends in Orlando were alive, we monitored the climbing death toll on our phones while walking the dogs through downtown Dallas. There were more than a dozen bicycle cops on the Katy Trail, and a few nervous security guards at Klyde Warren Park.

Later we brunched in the gayborhood while discussing escape plans for each gay club – would we climb on the roof from S4’s second floor balcony? Is there a back exit door at Havana’s? Would gay guys run to their cars and get guns? (This is Texas, after all.)

The morbid emergency planning was broken by a swarm of people who flooded the Oak Lawn bars. There were cocktails, uncomfortable laughs, and armed security guards. We were uneasy, but still out and supporting each other.

Oak Lawn Dallas Police

Increased police presence in Oak Lawn after the Pulse nightclub shootings.

Oak Lawn Dallas Centrum

The memorial in front of the Centrum building.

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memories Oak Lawn

The Move

Moving from iLume Park in Dallas

I am transferring to a bigger apartment tomorrow and the packing process is well underway.

The worst part about moving is that you are confronted with all of your choices – the dirt, the dog hair, the bad purchasing decisions.

Moving this time around is still a hassle, but not so terrible as moving from Minnesota to Texas. This is mostly because I already ditched most of my belongings, so there isn’t a ton of extra crap to throw out.

Plus, this time I’m moving 90 feet instead of 900 miles.

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