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My mom’s unexpected hurricane vacation

Roswitha White and Krystal Stackhouse

It is 10 p.m. and I have been trolling airline websites for almost an hour.

Hurricane Irma is crawling toward Miami and all of the flights are sold out. 

There’s one seat left for an American Airlines flight. I quickly enter my payment information and hit purchase.

The system then tells me that the flight is sold out.

This situation repeats five times before I realize that American falsely claims to have a seat left for all of its sold-out flights. I move on to several other websites.

After a few more failed attempts, a purchase finally goes through and I call my mother. Continue reading “My mom’s unexpected hurricane vacation” »

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Miami, Minnesota, and Dallas: How I spent my 20’s

A view of Bank of America Tower from the Omni in downtown Dallas.

This week I undertook the humbling task of reviewing all of my blog entries. 

This blog stretches back to my freshman year of college, so there are a lot of great (and not-so-great) memories archived in these pages.

Here’s a look at how I spent the last decade or so, from Miami to Minneapolis, and then down to Texas.

Miami Beach

We start in Miami — there were long days in the library, bad drag shows, and misadventures in Little Havana.

Then there was the move to Minnesota, where I started law school and lived in a frat house during my first semester. Continue reading “Miami, Minnesota, and Dallas: How I spent my 20’s” »

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The University of Miami Girls

University of Miami Sorority Video

I recently came across this hilarious sorority recruitment video from my alma mater:

The video is pretty epic – and says a lot about the Miami fantasy – yachts, multi-million dollar condos, hanging out with your closest 30 friends on the beach.

Of course all of the girls are also in great shape, and there’s even a black and a Latin girl “for diversity.”

There are a few shots on the actual University of Miami campus, the message is very clear: rich girl’s vacation.

dg-gif66 Continue reading “The University of Miami Girls” »

2013 Summer LGBT Life Miami Minneapolis-St. Paul pictures Thomson Reuters

My Incredible Summer

Miami Lincoln Road

What a summer!

After making it Iowa City and Chicago Gay Pride, I decided to surprise my mother in Miami. I haven’t been back to Miami in two years and she was not expecting me to just arrive at her doorstep at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

Miami is as pretty and crazy as I remember it. Breast implants, crazy cars, body builders and drag queens…
Palace South Beach Drag Show

And palms. Lots of palms.
South Beach Miami

I’ve shifted to a 90-hour work week, so I did bring my work laptop with me to Miami.

Working from my South Beach hotel was amazing and I’ve determined that working vacations need to be a part of my life.
South Beach Miami

Miami was my last trip of the summer.

I was exhausted and my liver hurt, so I spent the rest of the summer enjoying Minneapolis. I made a point of going to the lakes and parks about three times a week and it was amazing. Minnesota isn’t half bad during the summer.

Lake of the Isles
Minnehaha Falls

At the beginning of August I began the epic move to Lowertown St. Paul.
New Apartment

I completely forgot how much moving sucks.

It reminded me of that line from White Noise  – “The more things I threw away, the more I found.”  –  I was just horrified by how much crap I own and ended up throwing a ton of it out.

Oh and yes, Ikea furniture is still horrible to put together. I had to have two friends help me with that bar stool. These are my first world problems.

I am so happy that I made the move to downtown St. Paul. This city is cute, historic, and I’m having a lot of fun.

Cathedral of St. Paul

This summer was perfect.

I made some hard choices to make it possible, but the incredible opportunities I had to travel and network make me sure that I made the right decision.

Chicago Gay Pride
Large drinks at Brass Rail
Townhouse Bar Drag Belize

I’m excited for fall and my new adventures in St. Paul.

Oh, and sleeping. I miss that.