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Minneapolis-St. Paul Thomson Reuters

Minnesota Homecoming

Starbucks on a Delta flight

I survived the trip to Minnesota, somehow.

I was initially very apprehensive about returning to Minnesota. After being gone from a place from an extended amount of time, it is natural to plot a dramatic entrance.


But reality often looks very different.


Despite the awful weather and shady Delta checking agents, it was actually a fun and productive work trip.

The flight from Dallas and Minneapolis was wonderfully short and empty. I did not have anyone sitting next to me, but instead received the gift of seven toddlers behind me.


This is why they invented on-flight cocktails, and Starbucks!

The Texas Countryside from the Plane

A shot of the Texas countryside from my Delta flight to Minnesota.

Minnesota winter landscape

The wintry landscape in lower Minnesota.

Starbucks on a Delta flight

So grateful for the Starbucks on this Delta flight.

I did Minnesota in style.

Our annual Account Management meeting was at the Radisson Blu, a swank new hotel attached to Mall of America. Continue reading “Minnesota Homecoming” »

Dallas Minneapolis-St. Paul Thomson Reuters

Return to the Cold

Victory Park in Downtown Dallas, Texas.

Winter in Dallas is absolutely amazing.

The temperature is perfect – about 60 to 70 degrees every day.

iLume Park's large dog park in Dallas, Texas.

iLume Park’s large dog park in Dallas, Texas.

Chiweenie at iLume Park

Gunter at Ilume Park’s small dog park.

Perry Heights neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, in February.

Perry Heights neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, in February.

The Harwood District of downtown Dallas, Texas

The Harwood District of downtown Dallas, Texas

That is one of the reasons why I am not thrilled to go to Minnesota tomorrow.

Thomson Reuters is flying me back to Minnesota for an awards dinner and training.

It’s going to be cold as hell, but I get to see some of my friends and my company is putting me up in the Mall of America hotel, so things could be worse.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t miss the warmth…

I always thought my mother was dramatic about hating the cold (she still lives in Miami) but now I fully understand.


Nene Leakes

Dallas dogs LGBT Life memories Minneapolis-St. Paul Thomson Reuters

From Minnesota to Texas: 2015 in Review

The Dallas Skyline as seen from Reunion Tower

I celebrated last New Year’s Eve in Minnesota and now I am ending the year as an official Texan.

2015 was wonderful, but exhausting.

Gay Wedding Pierce House

James Sanna and Aaron Kraemer getting married in Boston.

Bloody Mary Washington DC

A bloody Mary and the New Yorker Magazine at the Washington DC airport.

Alyssa Edwards at iLume Dallas

Alyssa Edwards at the Dallas Gay Pride iLume block party.

iLume Block Party

Dancers at the iLume block party.

Highland Park Mansion

A dramatically lit mansion in Highland Park.

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memories Minneapolis-St. Paul

Goodbye Minnesota

Mit and downtown St. Paul

Predictions of a Frenemie

It’s winter and I am at Lush Food Bar for brunch.

One of the guys at our table says that he wants to move to Chicago, and I mention that I will likely move too.

That’s when one of the salty guys at our booth puts down his mimosa and says:
“Shut up about moving, Dennis. We all know you hate Minnesota, but you’re not moving anywhere. If you were going to move you would have done so already.”
Well, I guess he was wrong – The move to Dallas is happening tomorrow!

Adele snaps gif
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Dallas Life Lowertown Thomson Reuters


Artist Pictures in Lowertown

Next week I’ll be in Dallas.

The logistics of moving are exhaustingchoosing a power company, contracting with a new internet provider, closing accounts, getting paperwork together, and that nagging sense that I’m overestimating what fits into my car.

Almost all of my furniture is already gone.

I just have my ratty couch, my work desk, and a mattress on the floor (it kind of looks like a crack den.)

Also, apparently this is what $21 in used books looks like:

What $21 in used books looks like

What $21 in used books looks like. I sold them at Half Priced Books in Roseville, Minnesota.

I hauled the books to the Half Priced books in Roseville.

That store is one of the strangest places I’ve ever been to.

It looks like a normal book store, but it’s staffed by very thin and bored-looking hipsters. The customers were equal parts young parents, old people, and tatted 40-somethings.

I sat around for about 30 minutes while waiting for my books to get appraised. I was so bored by the time they called my name that I would have accepted any amount. (This is probably not by mistake.) Continue reading “Preparations” »