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When I first moved to Minnesota I was told that you’re not a Minnesotan until you drive to Wisconsin on a Sunday for liquor. I guess I’m official now.

It was 10 a.m. and the liquor store was packed with Minnesotans.

Hudson is underwhelming but things start to look better once you cross back over to Minnesota.



Downtown Stillwater is adorable. I could see myself living in Stllwater once our lease expires in Nordeast. The boyfriend will probably be less enthused about the idea…

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Best Summer Ever Weeks 15 & 16: Summer’s End

With no school year to mark the time for me anymore, I guess summer ends with the Minnesota State Fair. There’s probably a meteorological date or something, but lamb on a stick is a better way to mark the seasons.

I’m ending summer with a new view of the skyline, but I’m still in Minneapolis.

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