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July 8, 2015
Artist Pictures in Lowertown

Next week I’ll be in Dallas.

The logistics of moving are exhaustingchoosing a power company, contracting with a new internet provider, closing accounts, getting paperwork together, and that nagging sense that I’m overestimating what fits into my car.

Almost all of my furniture is already gone.

I just have my ratty couch, my work desk, and a mattress on the floor (it kind of looks like a crack den.)

Also, apparently this is what $21 in used books looks like:

What $21 in used books looks like

What $21 in used books looks like. I sold them at Half Priced Books in Roseville, Minnesota.

I hauled the books to the Half Priced books in Roseville.

That store is one of the strangest places I’ve ever been to.

It looks like a normal book store, but it’s staffed by very thin and bored-looking hipsters. The customers were equal parts young parents, old people, and tatted 40-somethings.

I sat around for about 30 minutes while waiting for my books to get appraised. I was so bored by the time they called my name that I would have accepted any amount. (This is probably not by mistake.)