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Left with rumors: The uncertainty about LaCheryl Wilson’s death


One of the many local celebrities in Dallas’ gayborhood is a homeless woman named LaCheryl Wilson (who also known as “Crazy Mary.”)

“Crazy Mary” is mostly an affectionate nickname, but Wilson does appear to suffer some mental health issues. I remember seeing Wilson screaming at people and cars every few weeks when I lived in Oak Lawn.

The tantrums were sporadic however – I usually saw Wilson calmly smoking cigarettes in bus stops or shuffling along Cedar Springs Road.

Crazy Mary of Dallas' Oak Lawn neighborhood.

Crazy Mary of Dallas’ Oak Lawn neighborhood.

My friends spotted Wilson as far as Carrollton and Fort Worth, but she mostly stayed around Oak Lawn, where she was a longtime fixture. There is even a Facebook group dedicated to keeping the neighborhood updated on Wilson’s whereabouts and swapping stories. This is where news of her death was posted last week. Continue reading “Left with rumors: The uncertainty about LaCheryl Wilson’s death” »

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It’s nothing

Lightning above the Trinity River in Dallas

It is July and I am in still in Dallas. I dial my insurance company’s nurse hotline on the way home from work and regret my decision within a few minutes —

“Sir, you need to pull over right now and call 911,” the nurse says.

“What?” I ask. (I can’t believe what I’m hearing.)

“You need to pull over your car and call an ambulance,” she repeats. “Based on the information you have given me,  my professional medical opinion is that you are having a stroke.”

The numbness has been going on for about a month now.

It starts in my neck – immediately under my right jaw. It then spreads to the right side of my face – lower lip, then upper lip. Then to my cheek – and sometimes to the back of my head. Continue reading “It’s nothing” »

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Miami, Minnesota, and Dallas: How I spent my 20’s

A view of Bank of America Tower from the Omni in downtown Dallas.

This week I undertook the humbling task of reviewing all of my blog entries. 

This blog stretches back to my freshman year of college, so there are a lot of great (and not-so-great) memories archived in these pages.

Here’s a look at how I spent the last decade or so, from Miami to Minneapolis, and then down to Texas.

Miami Beach

We start in Miami — there were long days in the library, bad drag shows, and misadventures in Little Havana.

Then there was the move to Minnesota, where I started law school and lived in a frat house during my first semester. Continue reading “Miami, Minnesota, and Dallas: How I spent my 20’s” »

Oak Lawn

The busker

The street dancer's platform shoes.

The street performers in Oak Lawn vary — from real musicians and performers to people in the middle of drug-induced episodes.

We recently came across a fabulous Michael Jackson-like performer who reminded me of Disco Stu from South Beach

Disco Stu was this fabulous greasy-haired busker who was well-known on Lincoln Road. He had bedazzled platform shoes and an old boombox that blasted oldies. I saw him almost every weekend in college. Continue reading “The busker” »

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Moving out of the gayborhood

Lightning above the Trinity River in Dallas

I finally moved out of the gayborhood.

This move was yet another tedious experience in which I was confronted by dog hair balls, poor purchasing choices, and clothes that no longer fit.

One unexpected aspect of this move was the rain — I was leaving Ilume Park with a carload of stuff when the sky just collapsed all around me.

Here’s what it looked like in a video posted by a local weatherman:

A video of a "rain foot" over downtown Dallas.

A video of a “rain foot” over downtown Dallas.

The technical term is a “rain foot” or downburst, but it really felt like the hurricanes that I left in Miami.

I then made the great life choice of getting on the Tollway during the downpour. Several of the low points in the highway were flooded and traffic was reduced to a single lane. One guy driving a beamer attempted to blast through the flood waters and got stuck. I made it to the new apartment however. Continue reading “Moving out of the gayborhood” »