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Best Week Ever Oak Lawn Thomson Reuters


BOA Tower Dallas

I did not make any plans for my 30th birthday (to the exasperation of my friends.)

My neighbors tried to make plans when we met at the dog park.

Jack: “You’re not celebrating?!”
Jill: “You have to do something for your 30th!”
Me: “I am not a big holiday person, and a big party feels gauche in light of the Dallas shootings.”
Jack: “I get that, but you should do something.”
Me: “Like what? Pool time? Bars and drag shows? Brunch? That’s every weekend.”
Jill: “Yeah, living in Oak Lawn is kind of a permanent vacation.”

We did get out of the house this weekend, spent some serious time at the pool, and even had a few long walks downtown.

Downtown Dallas

New and old buildings at the edge of downtown Dallas (near the farmers’ market.)

Flower Reign Oak Lawn

A mannequin with a fabulous hat at Flower Reign in Oak Lawn, Dallas.

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Books Marketing Thomson Reuters

Machiavelli and Marketing

Computers at work

The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli is one of my favorite books. I re-read it constantly.

This Italian political treatise is about 500 years old, but contains a lot of insights into human behavior that translate well into modern life, particularly politics and marketing.

I recently thought of my favorite passage from The Prince during an awful client meltdown.

This situation will be familiar to many of my digital marketing friends:

  1. The client previously had significant engagement on their blog and social media.
  2. Organic visibility fell off now that Facebook and other social networks started pushing paid ads.
  3. The client doesn’t want to spend money on social media advertising, and blames your firm for supposedly providing subpar content.
  4. A competitor comes out of the bushes, and makes unrealistic promises of organic reach and other snake oil remedies.
  5. Client is now pissed.

When dealing with a client who refuses to accept digital marketing changes, I think about Machiavelli’s warning to leaders who face resistance to change: Continue reading “Machiavelli and Marketing” »

Dallas Thomson Reuters

Networking at the Dallas Stars Game

Dallas Stars Hockey Game Suite

We recently experienced the Dallas Stars in Style.

Michael started at the Thomson Reuters Carrollton office last week and already managed to score us free tickets to a Dallas Stars hockey game.

We also saw a Dallas Stars hockey game last fall because Michael won free tickets from his gig at 7-Eleven Corporate. The 7-Eleven seats were nice, but Thomson Reuters has a suite! Continue reading “Networking at the Dallas Stars Game” »

Minneapolis-St. Paul Thomson Reuters

Minnesota Homecoming

Starbucks on a Delta flight

I survived the trip to Minnesota, somehow.

I was initially very apprehensive about returning to Minnesota. After being gone from a place from an extended amount of time, it is natural to plot a dramatic entrance.


But reality often looks very different.


Despite the awful weather and shady Delta checking agents, it was actually a fun and productive work trip.

The flight from Dallas and Minneapolis was wonderfully short and empty. I did not have anyone sitting next to me, but instead received the gift of seven toddlers behind me.


This is why they invented on-flight cocktails, and Starbucks!

The Texas Countryside from the Plane

A shot of the Texas countryside from my Delta flight to Minnesota.

Minnesota winter landscape

The wintry landscape in lower Minnesota.

Starbucks on a Delta flight

So grateful for the Starbucks on this Delta flight.

I did Minnesota in style.

Our annual Account Management meeting was at the Radisson Blu, a swank new hotel attached to Mall of America. Continue reading “Minnesota Homecoming” »