1L Spring Finals dogs

Corporate law, puke, and flying lessons


Last night I was done.

Nene Leakes

I was ready to give up law school, and thinking about how to ask my boss to keep me on until I find a bartending job…

I cooked some questionable beef patties2 and just stared at my Corporations outline.

My confidence in that Corporations had been completely undermined by our midterm. Although I didn’t do horribly on the midterm, I was frustrated because I didn’t understand half of Professor M’s model answer. This hasn’t happened to me before.


There was this nebulous thing called Delaware Corporate law and I apparently didn’t get it, which is a huge problem for someone who is pursuing a business law concentration.

I also felt the undergrad business majors/MBA students in my class would ensure me a spot on top of the curve right in between to the girl who never attended class and the boy who we all suspect is clinically retarded…

In short: I was cranky.


After watching the Charlie Rose interview with Scalia I tried to get back into my Corporate law groove, if there was ever such a thing... I replayed my Corporations Final playlist and remained in my funk.

I then had an epiphany! It was as if Scalia was talking to me directly: If I was confused about Delaware Corporate law I should probably reread the DGCL statutes that were assigned!

Gasp, reading the law… what a concept! Turns out that’s all I needed to do. Problem solved!


The rest of the evening was productive and I was in bed around midnight…

I woke up around 2am because I heard thrashing and cursing. I peeked out of my bedroom window to see an obese girl in basketball shorts throwing rocks at downstairs neighbor’s window.2 From what I could gather from Ms. Pillsbury’s screams, it seems like downstairs Neighbor kicked her out, and she was upset.

I ignored Ms. Pillsbury and went back to bed.

When my alarm clock woke me up this morning I had to over my mouth to keep myself from yarking all over my bed. That suspect beef patty I had for dinner was officially past its prime. I was nauseous for the majority of the morning….

I walked the dog and lugged myself to school, hoping that my face wasn’t green.

I felt better once the final started. The final was not bad at all. Professor M promised a “standard law school exam” and that’s what he delivered.

But, of course all of the statutes I had lovingly relearned the night before were useless. But having practically memorized the restatement of agency during last semester’s Contracts course was helpful.

After the exam, I went to the Gamma house and packed up more of my things.3

I boxed as much as I could and then drove to UPS. My mother bought me three bookshelves and a …desk/dining table/I don’t know what it’s going to be.

My car was so packed that it felt like driving a Jenga box home.

It took 8 trips to get everything into the apartment.

Harley and I then worked on our flying lessons at the park: there’s a large, steep staircase at the park with a smooth bike ramp]. The stairs are a little too steep for Harley to walk comfortably, so he decided to walk on the smooth bike ramp.

Of course my dog is WAY TOO HEAVY to do that, and with one loud yelp he started to fly down the incline, dragging me with him.

This was a sequel to Wednesday night’s flying lesson which started with the puke that was all over the hallway when I came home from work. Of course I forget about the chunk-fest and walk Harley down that staircase.

Harley, sensing something disgusting, JUST HAD TO SMELL IT. The only problem was that he was walking on the other side of the staircase, and in the process of launching towards the puke, he tripped and we both literally flew down the rest of the staircase and crashed in front of downstairs neighbor’s door.4 Oh my goodness.

Harley is exhausted from all the dog-sniffing and duck chasing at the lake. I’m exhausted from my fun-yet-unnecessary foray into Delaware Corporate law.

The rest of the 1Ls are done with class and going out… I still have to take the CivPro final on Monday, and unpack the freight-disaster that is the living room, so I’m going to bed and getting an early start tomorrow…

1 Questionable as in…it was Thursday night and I had bought them on Sunday or Monday. So it wasn’t within the “cook or freeze within 48 hours” time period.
2 Which is sufficiently random to suit my apartment building.
3 I’m annoyed that I haven’t completed the move-out yet. Part of the reason I still have stuff at the Gamma house is the whole “getting shot right before finals” bit. Another reason is that my apartment building has limited street parking. Moving heavy boxes is one thing… but having to carry heavy boxes two blocks and up four flights of stairs is another.
4I scrambled up and booked it before anyone had a chance to peak into the hallway.

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    May 16, 2009 at 12:23 am

    Damn, that staircase looks dangerous.. it’d be crazy scared to even attempt going down that thing on my bike. Ouch.

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    May 16, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    Well that does make much more sense lol

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