Downsizing my coffee cups

November 17, 2017
Ingrid, my labradoodle, eying my Starbucks coffee cup.

Coffee cups couldn’t be big enough when I was in college. I would order my coffee in the largest cup possible, even if it meant ordering one of those unsightly gas station buckets designed for truckers.

Now I order my coffee in the smallest size available.

Sure, I’ve reduced my overall caffeine intake over the years, but the shrinkage of my cup sizes has little to do with caffeine or my budget. I simply realized one day that I was throwing out half-full coffee cups because I could never finish my beverage before it went cold. 

This problem is even worse on long winter dog walks.

So now instead of wasting coffee, I order a small cup that I will definitely finish. Sure, it feels like common-sense now, but it certainly took me long enough to get here.

My Keurig is another dilemma.

I still use the machine that I bought in Dallas last year, but I’m starting to get sketched-out by the amount of waste that it produces. My trash can is often littered with K-Cups, but I’m not sure if the problem is bad enough to stop using the machine.

K-Cups aren’t recyclable, but neither are Starbucks cups. K-Cups generate plastic waste, but the amount of waste is negligible compared to other things. 

Also, the entire issue of sustainable cups feels silly when I’m drinking an imported beverage that is ruining the environment in poor distant lands.

Maybe it’s time to switch to tea (and possibly return to larger cups.) β˜•

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