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Exploring Dallas

August 18, 2015
Klyde Warren Park
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Mom in the lobby of my building – iLume in Oak Lawn, Dallas. The chairs are oversized.

Mom was in town this weekend, so we explored.

Dallas is hard to compare to other cities – it’s huge, but not walkable or historic like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Dallas is also not as touristy as Miami, and scale of everything prevents it from being quaint like Minnesota.

Perhaps Dallas is just special.

We spent the weekend touring various neighborhoods, including Uptown,Β Oak Lawn, Highland Park, and downtown.

Klyde Warren Park

Food trucks by Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas, Texas. The Hunt Oil Building is in the background.

Dallas Skyscraper

Klyde Warren Park in Dallas, with the Museum Tower luxury highrise building in the background.

Dallas Museum of Art

Exploring the Dallas Museum of Art in downtown. I love this painting.

Dallas Museum of Art

This is from the Modern Opulence exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. The exhibit features mostly Austrian and German works.

british beverage company brunch

Brunch at British Beverage Company in Dallas, Texas. They have a mimosa bar that allows you to choose your own garnishes and juices.

Glorias Cafe Dallas

Gloria’s Restaurant in Oak Lawn, Dallas. Some of my first Salvadorian food.

Going out in Dallas is a very different experience than in Minnesota.

A dense gayborhood means that bar-hopping is the norm. It is not unusual for people to go to 4 or 5 places in a single night.

This means that the bars don’t have dramatically different vibes or crowds here. You can run into the same guy at a dozen different bars, kind of like Chicago during Gay Pride.

One surprising thing is that there are a lot of go-go bars here, (which I find strange.)

There are also several NYC-style club kids ala Paris is Burning.


S4 Warning Sign Dallas

The warning sign at S4 Nightclub in Dallas, Texas. It basically says don’t get roofied.

S4 Dallas Pictures

Came across some furries at the Station 4 / S4 Nightclub in Oak Lawn, Dallas

Station 4 Furries

Came across some furries at the Station 4 / S4 Nightclub in Oak Lawn, Dallas

The weekend was a fun break from my normal routine.

It is very easy to just work my way through the weekends without leaving my complex.

Having visitors in town forces me toΒ step away from my laptop screen and actually enjoy my new city.

Cedar Springs TapHouse

A slushy drink at the Cedar Springs TapHouse. (During their $5 burger basket special.)

empire on fox

Fox’s Empire TV Show was hosting Auditions in Dallas, Texas. Downtown in Klyde Warren Park.

ilume happy hour

Sometimes iLume Park Happy Hour gets a little strange. Although this isn’t the oddest thing we’ve seen in Oak Lawn.


One of my neighbors with a waiter from Tallywackers, the gay Hooters in Oak Lawn, Dallas.

Now back to work, working out, and sleep.

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