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Final Deliberations (and the Cake!)

I just finished a marathon 6-hour meeting for the Student Service Fees Committee.

This was the scene in hour 5:

Yes. I think that’s Ben1 sleeping.

The meeting passed my 9pm guestimate, but it was still significantly shorter than last year’s deliberations, which went until 3am. These are the final deliberations for the Student Services Fee Committee. A lot of money is at stake so spirited debate2 ensued…

The debate was interrupted by a laughing fit in my corner of the conference table because of The Amazing:

I realize that the cake looks less-than-amazing in that picture, but it was a Dairy Queen ice cream cake before I demolished it. And it was amazing. Seriously. Angels sung. It was the kind of cake that changes lives. The cake was good enough to promote world peace. That cake could even make Chris Brown stop beating Rihanna.3

A committee member caught me casting amorous looks at my leftover cake and started laughing. And of course, I started giggling too.4
Committee Chair (annoyed, on 3 hours of sleep): “What is going on down there?”
Me (flustered): “Sorry, I’m going through things. This cake is so good.”
Committee member: “Yeah, he’s like in love with it.”
Another Committee member (Ben): “You should blog about it!”
I pull out my camera, and the Committee Chair rolls her eyes in disgust.5

We started around 5pm, and ended after 11pm. I’m tired, goofy, and still gitty from that cake.

1 For the record Ben’s not actually sleeping, although we did catch him not paying attention during one resolution. Hm hm hm. Pesky laptops! Ben is also the person who suggested I take a picture of The Amazing.
2 Who caught the Pelosi quote? (She’s been using the phrase for a while.)
3 Yeah, I went there.
4 I realize this sounds grossly unprofessional, but it’s not. I swear. This is a relaxed student committee. To put this in context, the entire committee had all just finished watching David After Dentist and Scarlet Takes a Tumble about 5 minutes before. Classy, I know. But it was a 6-hour meeting and we needed breaks.
5 Yes, you did!

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