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Hello Minnesota

August 2, 2008

So I’m in Minneapolis now!

Packing was a less-than-graceful affair – I didn’t realize how many books I had until I filled three ginormous boxes with them.

The third box, of course, broke in my car, sending almost 100 books flying everywhere. Eh.

I had a layover in Atlanta. That airport is massive, but surprisingly clean…although I was shocked to see so many bars in the airport.

Well, so many bars, and so many people smoking (and drinking) at 10am. The layover was less than an hour so I had time to grab breakfast at Phillip’s Seafood, which was pretty empty. Yeah. I don’t go to an airport in the morning and think “CRABCAKES!” either. In the interest of dear Mr. Stomach, I had the eggs and cheddar.

There were so many cute Nordic-blond kids on the flight to Minneapolis. Well, I thought they were cute. Their grandma obviously didn’t share my opinion and opted for a few bloody-Marys, compliments of AirTran.

I got to Minneapolis, had a public transit/taxi adventure, and then met two of the (14?) housemates. After chucking my luggage in my room I roamed the neighborhood. I’m living in Dinkytown, which is the university neighborhood for the University of Minnesota.

UMiami doesn’t have an equivalent supporting neighborhood. Actually, walking around UMN makes me realize how a-typical UMiami really is. UMN dwarfs UMiami. UMN is also way nicer. Pictures!

I got my student ID, but couldn’t sign up for the gym.

Gym Lady: You’re not registered for any classes so you can’t get a gym membership.
Me: I’m a law student. They register us on the first day of orientation, the 27th.
Gym Lady: Then we can’t sign you up. Besides, we don’t prorate our summer membership so even if we did sign you up, you’d have to pay $80 for a 20-day membership.
Me: Erm. Where’s the closest Bally’s?

The next adventure of the day? Finding a grocery store!

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    August 2, 2008 at 3:19 am

    totally had beverages and food at Phillip’s – and strangely – I think it was in the morning as well…but I did have bloody marys – enjoy the rest of the summer!!

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    She Is Qui
    August 4, 2008 at 3:32 pm

    mmm crab cakes!! bloody-marys are good for hangovers.
    i hope you find a better deal on a gym. $80 for 20 yeah ok

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