Law School legal humor on the record

Jack has no idea.

Jack shared his thought process with the class:
Professor V: “Let’s suppose California didn’t let non-residents sue within the state. What would happen on appeal?”
Jack: “I don’t know.”
Professor V: “Well, what about other classes that you’ve taken? Can you think of anything you learned last semester?”
Jack: “Let me think. Not contracts. Um… I have no idea. Seriously! I have no idea! Not contracts right? Um. No seriously, let me think. Um…What classes did I take?”
Professor V: “Well, we are dealing with multiple states…”
(silence, chuckles)
Jack: “Oh wait, Conlaw?”
Yes. Conlaw.

Then Jill had a 10 minute question. Professor V looks up at the clock and says:

Professor V: “I don’t know whether you were trying to run out the clock but you did.”

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