Law School on the record

Jill celebrates

Our midterm assignment for Corporations was to draft the argument section of a SEC “no-action” letter.

The assignment was due at noon today. Class is from 10:45am-12:15pm. So, of course, 1/3 of the class skipped.
Professor M: “That shows me not to make an assignment due in the middle of class! I totally could have seen this coming…”
Jill made to to class today:
Professor M: “Why did these regulations come about?”
(Jill had her hand raised.)
Professor M: “Yes? Jill?”
Jill:“Wait, nevermind. I’m pretty sure I’m wrong.”
Professor M: “No, go ahead.”
Jill:“Well, weren’t there a lot of hostile takeovers during that period?”
Professor M: “You are exactly on the button! That’s exactly right! And why did hostile takeovers matter?”
Jill: “Huh? What? I’m sorry I was celebrating.”

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