Law School legal humor on the record

Jill v. Professor P

Woman working at desk, by Bench Accounting via Unsplash

Jill says never mind:

Prof P: “Let’s see this is a very hard case… Jill let’s start with you!”
Jill (loudly): “ARGH!”
Prof P: “What was that?”
Jill : “Oh nothing!”
Prof P: “I thought I heard ‘no’, because if that’s so then I could just move on…”
Jill: “Wait, is that an option!?”
Prof P: “I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Professor P nudges Jill on:

Prof P: “So does your client lose?”
Jill: “No. Not automatically.”
(long silence)
Prof P: “That’s the sound instinct of an advocate! Now I’m interested to hear the legal argument…”

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