Law School – 1L

Kalibah, halibah, boop.

When I parked my car this evening there was a looming, hooded figure on the side of the apartment building across the street.1

I walked to my apartment building and got Harley-Scalia out of the kennel.2 My car was the first stop on our evening walk.

When we got to my car, the looming figure across the street was replaced with Herbert, one of the neighborhood crazies.

Herbert3 is an older, smoking man who has serious insomnia issues. And of course he starts talking to me from across the street:
Herbert (shouting over): “I’m not gonna sleep to-night! Da wind is a-howlin!”
I decide to have a “boom to bums” moment4 and responded:
Me: “Kaliba boop boop kalibah halibah?”
Herbert drew on his cigarette and nodded as if I had said something deep. I decided I had had enough fun talking gibberish to the crazy – I smiled politely and told Harley to Kalibah Halibah so we could go.

And yes, Kalibah-Halibah is Harley’s new command for “come here.”

1 ala Crimlaw hypo.
2 which he has taken to rather nicely…now all the apartment destruction is done by me…
3 Oh yeah. Family guy reference.
4 “Sometimes when people get crazy with you, you gotta get crazy with them.”

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