Law School unsolicited advice

Law School Advice

Books by Patrick Tomasso via Unsplash

Here are some things I’ve found useful, thought I’d share:

How Book Briefing Saved My Behind

One day, she held up her casebook to point out there was almost no underlining or highlighting. However, in the margins of the book were handwritten notes. She explained that doing full briefs for cases was a waste of time. (Via Law Ingenue)

From Divine Angst:

Are law school and, in particular, 1L classes designed to impart to us a compendium of knowledge about certain subjects like Civ Pro or Contractsor are they instead supposed to impart a WAY of thinking about those subjects, specifics notwithstanding?

I know that most response will say the latter is the intent of law school, but then another question comes up: Why, then, do we learn so many specifics? Why am I learning the Restatement on expectation interest and trying to remember the names and details of cases? (the comments are very useful.)

PSA: First Week of School Advice, Version 1.0

Congratulations, 1Ls. You’re here, you’re in, you’ve signed on for a solid 3 years of angst. Yippy skippy, right? As promised, I have some words of wisdom for you. There will be more forthcoming- you know I like to talk. (thanks, but no thanks)

Advice for the Incoming Class of 2009
The following is a collection of advice for incoming 1L’s who will soon be starting law school. This advice is from members of the graduating Class of 2006, Ohio State University (Moritz Law School), and is intended as a gift to the Moritz Class of 2009. The majority of the advice is also applicable to other law schools. More will be added soon. (here’s the list)

The art of saying goodbye:

As the summer dwindles for summer classes of future MBAs and JDs, we thought we’d give some advice on how to say goodbye (and hello). (here’s the advice).


Writing sample and cover letter advice:

If I’m sending a writing sample to a potential employer, should I do anything special to it? Like, put a cover sheet on it? It’s a full memo, so I figured I didn’t need to preface it with a lot of information about the legal issues. Right now, I just have my name and phone number at the top of each page and no cover sheet. Is that sufficient? (again, the magic is in the comments.)

How to Survive Your First Year of Law School

Heading towards law school? Got the 1L blues? Here are some inside tips on how to stay on top of everything, and come out alive. (read them)

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    January 31, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thank you indeed, great reading as my obsession with my first year gets bigger everyday.

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