Meeting Mr. Highwater

I went to work today to study.1 A deserted office building is a prime study spot: There are power outlets, clean restrooms, and orthopedically correct chairs. Holler.

I swiped into the building right behind a large man wearing highwaters. Of course we shared an elevator. The elevator door closed and the awkward began:
Highwater: “Is it always this happening on Saturdays?”
Me: “Pardon me?”
Highwater: “Saturdays. Is it always this busy?”
Me: “Busy? There were only two people in the lobby.”
Highwater: “I know! It’s usually never this busy! Well, unless there’s a party going on. It’s only this busy when a party’s going on.”
Me: “Hm. Really?”
Highwater: “Yeah, maybe there’s a party going on today.”
Me: “Maybe.”
(elevator door opens, we get out, highwater starts walking away.)
Highwater: “Yeah. There was a probably a party going on. A party I wasn’t invited to. Me not being invited to a party! Hard to believe isn’t it?
I just stood in the hallway and watched him walk off. Did that just happen?

1 Meaning, I went to the building. I’m not on the clock.

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