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MLS: The Awful

Our spring brief was due this week. Some people simply refer to the brief as “The Awful.”

The Awful wasn’t that awful – I actually had a lot of fun writing it. This semester’s brief was fun to write because it is a persuasive analysis. Last semester’s memo was a predictive analysis. Writing “I am right and this is why” is much more interesting than writing, “well it may go this way, or may go that way…”

Yesterday was, however, quite awful.

My schedule on Monday and Tuesday was packed1, so I could only work on my brief during the evenings. This meant that Tuesday night the hurricane hit my desk:2

And yesterday (the day the brief was due) I was on a grand total of 3 hours of sleep.

This made it extremely hard to be charitable in Crimlaw.

I’ve written about my Criminal Law class before. The gist: we have Crimlaw with another section full of loud, dominant personalities, and the professor doesn’t control class discussion.

It’s like having Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh locked in a room with Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Add a chimpanzee and a drug dealer to the mix and you have my Crimlaw class.3

I could not deal with Colb (Crass Overly Loud Boy) yesterday. It’s hard to listen to what Colb says because he shouts all of his answers and sometimes sprinkles the word “damn” throughout a response.

I felt bad, but I couldn’t even look at Colb when he responded to the professor. I was tired and this was not happening. Instead, I sorted my email.

I went come and got 15 hours of sleep, so I’m back in Pollyanna mode. So Mr. Colb can bring it.

1 classes, meetings, Supreme Court oral argument, and my very first CLE class! (Which I will write about later today. Lots to say about that actually…)

2Trips to the kitchen have a way of turning into 20minute breaks. So stay put as long as possible, I bought tea up in the mug and that big pickle jar.

3The other section has a lot of interesting, smart people. I love how engaged they are with the material and appreciate their participation BUT the section also has a few people that completely poison the pond.

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