Mass winter incompetence.

The city of Minneapolis and I had a fight yesterday, to the amusement of my entire neighborhood…

The city plowed my street while I was at Bestbuy. I returned to find my driveway blocked by a wall of snow. I underestimated the amount of snow because when I tried to drive over the wall I got stuck!

After a few minutes of colorful language and a odd-burning smell, I decided I had to shovel. So I climbed over the mound of snow and fetched a shovel from the house.

I spent the next 15 minutes extricating my car: shoveling some, trying to reverse, getting back out to shovel some more, trying again…ugh.

I finally got the car back onto the street like “Oh Sweet Glory!” But I didn’t want to get stuck again, so I left my car in the street to frantically clear my driveway.

As people pulled up behind my car I signaled them to pass while mouthing the word “SORRY!” When my neighbors saw what was going on, and a few pointed and laughed. I’m here to entertain. Welcome to the Jansen show.

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