1L Spring Finals

On Friday

I started Friday in a small interrogation room at the downtown police station.1 It was a follow up interview about the shooting, and taped preserve my lack-of-helpfulness for posterity:
Me: “Well, I was shot in the back while crossing Hennepin.”
Detective: “Draw a map.”
Me: “Uh, well, okay…this is Hennepin…and this is the club, and this is the library. And this is where I got shot…”
Detective: “What is that cross street?”
Me: “Uh… no idea.”

(later on)

Detective: “So you were with T. and Eric.”
Me: “Yes.”
Detective: “Was T. having any relationship problems? Would any ex-boyfriends be upset that you were hanging out with her?”
Me: “…upset that she’s hanging out with a bunch of gay guys?”
After the interview I promised the detective that I would ask the doctors if they can take out the bullet. I prefer that the bullet collect dust in some evidence archive than stay lodged in my side.
Detective: “You should get it taken out while you still have insurance.”
Me: “Oh, well, I’m not planning on becoming uninsured any time soon…”
Detective: “But you weren’t planning on getting shot either.”

As I walked back to the parking garage I called my insurance provider. I wanted to know if taking the bullet out (after the doctors said to leave it in) would qualify as elective surgery.
Insurance lady: “Uh, Mr. Jansen, your policy expired in 2006.”
WHAT? I did some quick mental math on how long it would take me to repay the medical bills. Not as long as it will take to repay my law school loans …but still! Ack! I called mom and asked her about the policy.
Me: “Uh, I have insurance through your work right?”
Mom: “Yep. It’s not like they would have treated you in the hospital without insurance…”
Me: “The insurance lady said my policy lapsed in 2006.”
Mom: “She’s an idiot. That’s the year they switched us over to the WhateverCare Plus plan. And you used that card at the school clinic last month remember? I’ll scan the insurance card for you…”
Whew. After my insurance scare, I went to school.

I asked my property professor’s secretary for new handouts  – and yes I told the secretary that my dog ate them. After chatting with the secretaries about the perils of Mastiff-ownership, I saw the Dean of students. I spoke to the Dean last Monday, a few hours after I was released from the hospital, but I had not met with her in person yet.

I then had an interview for an orientation leader position. At UMiami they conscripted RAs to become orientation leaders. It was hilarious, and I’m sure serving as an orientation leader at the law school level will be even more fun, including the amazing awkwardness that is law school, and the inevitable “aren’t you that kid?” moments. 2

The rest of the day was hazy. I only had a good four hours of productivity and spent the rest of the time hanging out/chatting3 with Hamline students.

During my orientation leader interview I was asked “what do you do for fun?” and I said, “I hang out a lot.” – I realize that it sounds vague and stupid, but it’s true. Sitting around people watching and chatting isn’t exactly a structured activity like bowling or knitting cool things but I think it’s equally important.

1 This is the police station within city hall. There is also a criminal justice complex right next to city hall (which presumably has police station functions too?) these distinctions obviously aren’t covered in Crimlaw or Law & Order…
2 Dear 0Ls…despite the past week, Minneapolis is not as scary as Chicago…

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    May 2, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    Knitting hasn’t gotten me shot yet either! 🙂

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    May 2, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    Hm. I wonder if there are bullet proof sweaters…

  • Reply
    Emily Chen
    May 2, 2009 at 5:06 pm

    Why would you want the bullet to stay in you?!?!? That does not sound safe at all. Won’t the medal rust or move around or damage something. TAKE IT OUT!!!!!

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    March 12, 2015 at 8:37 am

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