Law School legal humor on the record

OTR: Property

Don’t ask me:
Professor P: “Okay, you suggested a case and shot it down, so let me rephrase my question: Does the Plaintiff win under Ohio v. Shaw?”
Jack: “Uh…” (flips through book) “…obviously I don’t know the answer because I’m looking for it.
It was downhill from there…
Jill: “I think there’s a difference between marking and capturing. Dogs mark things all the time and don’t capture them!”
Professor P: “Uh, let’s assume for a moment that dogs can’t obtain property rights…. so that’s not the best example…”
Lawyer fail (re: this case):
Professor P: “And Ganter presented the maxim: “Finder’s keepers losers weepers.” That was his legal argument!” If you had to guess, would say that he was represented?
Jack: “No, I guess he was representing himself.”
Professor P: “Well, actually he WAS represented by a lawyer!”

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    […] Property is full of fail, and hilarity. […]

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