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OTR: Sports overload & mass confusion

October 29, 2009

My tax professor has his priorities right:

Professor A: “I should have your midterms back, but I am going to three sporting events in the next three days instead of grading your papers…it’s a sports overload that my wife’s not very happy about…”

My employment law professor keeps warning us that the ERISA material is boring:

Professor I: “I guarantee you the ERISA preemption case is…uh…well, it’s not fun. Good luck with that! See you next week!”

(I actually think the ERISA regulations are interesting and get to read a lot of ERISA-cases at work.)

My Real Estate law class has gone from a dull review of property law to an ultra-complicated look at the secondary mortgage market and rights of the mortgagee upon non-payment

Professor E: “Let me just tell you where we are going to start on Monday because I feel like I did enough damage today...”

I think most of us are unspeakably confused in that class. Thank goodness employment law and conlaw II are still easy…

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