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Best Year Ever: Outline of Fall Semester

May 19, 2009

Blogging is a cumulative thing. And times like this, it is awesome to have a blog because I just finished my first year of law school and I have a record of my year. I forgot about most of the things I wrote about, and it’s nice to have a record somewhere.

So yes, I’m sitting here with a diet A&W and paging1 through my archives (cue the Wonder Years theme song) and I must say, my first year of law school was an extremely fun and hilarious experience.

An outline of fall semester is after the jump. The bullet points are linked to posts. This will hopefully provide an overview of the year and make my archives more accessible. This outline is not exhaustive, but hits the highlights of the year.

Fall Semester Pre-Orientation:


Week 1: Green as can be

Week 2: getting adjusted

Weeks 3 & 4: this is fun!

Week 5: things get crunchy

Week 6 & 7: Middle of the semester already?

Week 8 & 9: Legal writing and Halloween

Week 10: the ice arrives

Week 11: networking, studying, and the remmidemmi

Weeks 12 & 13: Miami, concerts, and outlining

Week 14 & 15: End of the semester and finals!

And we ended the semester with bowling and book burning.

I will post outlines of winter and spring later tonight. It’s time to walk Harley!

1 Several 0Ls have paged through the entirety of this blog. I know that sounds nuts, but things are different when you’re twiddling your thumbs during that summer before law school. I was a prolific reader during my 0L summer as well…

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    I just read your entire Fall outline, and as a soon to be 1L, I just want to say thank you!!!

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