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Overconfidence can lead to incarceration.

This was priceless. I think the court agrees.
Overconfidence can lead to incarceration. Despite being told that he was free to go, Darius Jones agreed to let police search his car. He, apparently, forgot that he was sitting on a bag of crack cocaine.

When police searched him, they found $1660 in his pockets, $3000 in his boots, and more cocaine in a knit pouch that was hidden inside his underwear. After the trial court denied his motion to suppress, Mr. Jones entered a no contest plea, and the trial court convicted him of possession of drugs.

The court later ordered the $4660 that he had at the time of his arrest to be forfeited. This Court affirms because Mr. Jones consented to the search of his car, and there was evidence to suggest that he used the $4660 to facilitate his possession of cocaine.

State v. Jones, 2009-Ohio-670. The full case is here. Emphasis (italics, bolding) is added.

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