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Slushy times

Today is the third day of Minneapolis’s 40 degree heat wave.

40 degrees means that the ice from the sidewalk now blankets the entire lawn and half of the street in a misguided attempt at melting.

Everything is so slick and disgusting that most people walk in the middle of the road. We’ll take our chances with the cars.

Getting to the front door of the house feels like a real-life version of Mario Kart’s ice world, minus the cool little car and Donkey Kong of course

Yesterday was my breaking point: I almost took a nose dive into the slush in front of our house, so I decided to take out the pick and start hacking some ice:

THAT took an incredible amount of effort. When I saw how much I had left I decided to leave it to the housemates (hint hint!)

Oh, and apparently our front lawn is the official neighborhood adult beverage recycling center…

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