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Exploring Bishop Arts

Tillman's Roadhouse relaunch party in Bishop Arts, Dallas

I went to Dallas’ Bishop Arts District for the first time last month while covering the re-launch party for Tillman’s Roadhouse.

After getting the gist of the party and giving overly-detailed instructions to my photographer, I took a short tour of the neighborhood.

Having a beer at Parker Barrow's Draft House in Dallas

Having a beer at Parker Barrow’s Draft House in Dallas

The First-Timers

Everyone that I met at the Tillman’s party was horrified that I have never been to Bishop Arts before.

Michael has lived in the Dallas area for 7 years and this was his first time to Bishop Arts as well. Maybe we are just the odd ones who never get out of the gayborhood? Continue reading “Exploring Bishop Arts” »

Cocktails Oak Lawn

The Odyssey: Finding a Pabst Blue Ribbon Tallboy in Dallas

Pabst Blue Ribbon - PBR beer

Michael and I went on an epic PBR journey in the gayborhood.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a beer that I fell in love with back in Minnesota.

PBR is the beer of the hipster crowd – a cheap light beer that actively markets to young musicians and artists. You could not go to a dive bar or lesbian dance night in Minneapolis without seeing a sea of PBR cans.

The special thing about PBR is that it comes in 16 ounce “tallboy” cans despite being the same price (if not cheaper) than Budweiser. That’s why PBR is a favorite among broke grad school students. Continue reading “The Odyssey: Finding a Pabst Blue Ribbon Tallboy in Dallas” »