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Brunching in Baltimore

The harbor area of Baltimore.

We recently took a short day-trip to Baltimore.

In addition to brunch, we explored some of the neighborhoods and made it to the Baltimore Eagle.

Brunch was at a place called Little Havana, which is right on the harbor. They had a bottomless mimosa special and even brought the mimosas out with ice (which is amazing.)

The food was good, although the amount of dogs on the patio was a little distracting. In particular, there was this dog that completely flipped out anytime it would see another animal. I’m surprised that its owner wasn’t kicked out. Continue reading “Brunching in Baltimore” »

LLM Washington DC

First Impressions of Washington D.C.

Gunter at the Washington Monument in D.C.

We’ve been in Washington D.C. for about two weeks and it’s fabulous.

Classes started and I am already well-acquainted with the law library.

The LL.M. program is going to be challenging, but it’s also a luxury to focus on nothing but tax law for two semesters. My J.D. program felt like a hodgepodge of different topics at times, whereas my LL.M. classes are clearly interrelated and cover much deeper material. We’ll see how I feel in a few weeks.

Buildings along the National Mall in Washington D.C.

Buildings along the National Mall in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is beautiful and dense. The lack of tall skyscrapers for landmarks makes it difficult to navigate at times. I’ll eventually figure out the grid system.

The streets are very diverse and busy without being crowded. There are tourists with cameras, people wearing suits, baseball jerseys, children running on the subway, and very aggressive panhandlers.

Many areas of town are busy late into the night, but there’s always the looming threat of getting mugged — so I guess it’s like any other large American city, just with more museums than most. Continue reading “First Impressions of Washington D.C.” »

Fort Worth LGBT

Drag Brunch at Urban Cowboy Saloon

The #IAmUrban sign / Disco Guitar at Urban Cowboy Saloon, Fort Worth, TX.

We made the trek to Fort Worth this weekend for drag brunch at Urban Cowboy Saloon.

Overall, it was a fun experience and a great show.

Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed drag brunch at Urban Cowboy Saloon, Fort Worth, TX.

Rocky Horror Picture Show-themed drag brunch at Urban Cowboy Saloon, Fort Worth, TX.

The drag brunch cast at Urban Cowboy Saloon, Fort Worth, TX.

The drag brunch cast at Urban Cowboy Saloon, Fort Worth, TX.

The theme was purportedly “Rocky Horror Picture Show” but the drag queens performed at many non-Rocky Horror songs. This probably kept the show more interesting for people unfamiliar with the movie. Continue reading “Drag Brunch at Urban Cowboy Saloon” »


Sushi brunch

"All you can eat" sushi brunch at Gui

All-you-can-eat sushi is a thing that exists.

Winslow’s, our normal brunch spot, unexpectedly went out of business last week. So we had to try something new.

One of our favorite bartenders recommended Gui, a place in Uptown Dallas that has “all you can eat” sushi.

It was $25 per person for the basic sushi rolls, and $30 per person for the premium rolls. All of the sushi is made to order.

"All you can eat" sushi brunch at Gui

“All you can eat” sushi brunch at Gui in Uptown Dallas.

One important caveat is that they will charge you full price for anything left over. So you have to finish your plate.
Continue reading “Sushi brunch” »

Life Oak Lawn

5 Rules of Gay Brunch

Brunch at Cedar Springs Tap House

Some people go to church – others get mimosas.

Bottomless mimosa brunch is a time-honored gay tradition.

You pull yourself out of bed, slap on some sunglasses, and sashay to the local bar-restaurant for day drinking.

Over the years, I’ve learned that there are 5 cardinal rules for surviving a mimosa brunch.

british beverage company brunch

Brunch at British Beverage Company in Dallas, Texas. They have a mimosa bar that allows you to choose your own garnishes and juices.

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