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LLM Washington DC

You’ll get the job

The outside of Union Station in Washington D.C.

I’m at Union Station and incredibly sweaty.

I have made this mistake several times already — I try to take the metro while wearing a suit and end up grossly sweaty by the time I make it near campus.

Every time I promise myself that I will just take an Uber next time I wear a suit. And every time I foolishly try to take the train again — “It’s not that warm,” I tell myself. Wrongly. 
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Predatory schools, status queens, Lizzo

Office Building

Here’s what I’m talking about this morning.

1. Education fraud: Bloomberg has an interesting article about how Silicon Valley coding bootcamps attract students using false / misleading employment and salary statistics, and fail to prepare students for the job market.

Sounds a lot like law school

Although many of my former classmates are still practicing law, a huge chunk also fell off the face of the earth after graduation (presumably because they didn’t get jobs.)

These students are conveniently never mentioned on school websites or forums, and are forgotten by everyone except for the student loan companies. Continue reading “Predatory schools, status queens, Lizzo” »


Catch & Release Policing

Dallas Gay Civil Rights March

The Supreme Court issued an extremely disappointing opinion on Monday.

The case is Utah v. Strieff, and the opinion caused all of my former law school friends to collectively lose their damn minds.


My Facebook feed was littered with horrified posts about the court “declaring open season on illegal searches and seizures.”

I read a few articles on the opinion, which seemed so outlandishly wrong that I had to listen to the oral argument and read the opinion myself to verify that this wasn’t being spun.

And sadly, everyone is right – the court basically gave the police an incentive to stop whomever they want, for whatever reason that they want. Continue reading “Catch & Release Policing” »

Life Thomson Reuters

Grad schools bearing gifts

considering grad schools

One day something interesting popped into my inbox.

Among the newsletters and freelance cattle calls was an email from NYU Law School’s Tax LLM program.

It contained a fee voucher.

I was shocked and flattered – tax law was my passion during law school, and NYU’s LLM program is consistently ranked #1 in the country.

A Master of Laws (LLM) degree is a post-law school master’s degree. Tax is one of the few LLM specialties not considered an utter waste of time.

I immediately filled out the LSAC application and strategized how to get recommendation letters from law professors who have long forgotten who I am.

After my initial wave of enthusiasm, I remembered the fraudulent employment stats and starting salaries published by law schools. I also remembered how angry everyone was 2L year when we realized that our school lied to us about our prospects.
After some research into the value of tax LLM programs, I realized that there’s simply not enough reliable information available for me to make an informed decision regarding the purported benefits of an LLM.

What I’m fretting over:

  • What if I can’t find tax law employment after getting a NYU LLM? Would I just return to Thomson Reuters with $80,000 more in student loans?
  • What if law firms ignore the LLM degree due to my University of Minnesota degree? An outstanding LLM isn’t going to cut it for a firm looking for an Ivy League Law Review alum.
  • Even if I get a job at a top Manhattan law firm, would my (supposedly) higher salary overcome the significant opportunity cost of giving up my current corporate career?

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2013 Summer Life memories Thomson Reuters

The Long Hard Road Out of Minneapolis

St. Paul Minnesota

The maids came this afternoon to clean my old place.

I left the keys with my neighbors and I’m officially a St. Paul boy now.

St. Paul Minnesota
It was a full-circle type of moment.

As a kid, I was really into John Grisham. I wanted to be the power-lawyers in his books – working long hours in big cities.

The law degree happened (at a decent school), and so did the long hours (albeit in advertising.) And so did the yuppie lifestyle…

Starbucks Apple

It’s nice to be here, but I decided tonight that this is just another step (rather than an end-point.)

My friend Tyler came over and we rehashed my crazy apartments and exes. We both decided that I’ve come a long way, but I still got some work left to do.

What I didn’t expect is that this ambition thing comes with a permanent sense of unrest. I can barely enjoy achieving goals because I’m already working on the next big thing.

Minneapolis was fun, but I’m too busy in St. Paul to reminiscence properly. These are my first world problems.