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Prepping for Georgetown Finals Season

Georgetown University Law School

This is a sponsored post by Tile, a mobile app that makes it easy find everything that matters.

There are only three weeks left in the semester which means that finals are around the corner. The sense of dread that started last month has been replaced with a study plan and things just might be okay.

One thing that is helping me save time this semester is Tile, a mobile app that uses bluetooth technology to help you locate wallets, keys, and anything else you put it on. I use Tile on my Go Card, which is my student I.D. and something that I spend way too much time looking for.

Keeping track of my Georgetown Go Card with the Tile.

Keeping track of my Georgetown Go Card with the Tile.

Keeping track of my Georgetown Go Card with the Tile.

Keeping track of my Georgetown Go Card with the Tile. Isn’t that picture terrible?

Forgetting my Go Card is a nightmare, because I can’t get into the school parking garage without it. There is street parking around Georgetown Law, but the area is super-sketchy at night.

When I lose my Go Card, I can use Tile to quickly locate it. If my Go Card is at home, then I’m screwed. But if my Go Card is in my bag in the back of the car, I’ll hear the Tile’s alarm.

Then all I have to do is awkwardly grab my card from the trunk before the school security guard starts yelling at me. I’ve gotten really good at this. Continue reading “Prepping for Georgetown Finals Season” »

LLM on the record

Jack gets called out

Man on phone picture by Photo by on Unsplash

The semester is off to quite the start – my days are filled with Westlaw searches, Tax Notes, and Bloomberg Portfolios.

And then there are the classes.

A few things have changed since my J.D. days in Minnesota – TWEN has been ditched for something called Canvas and I am expected to find all of my assigned readings online, which means that I did not have to purchase any books. (Which is amazing!)

…and there is definitely something different about the younger students. Continue reading “Jack gets called out” »

LLM Washington DC

You’ll get the job

The outside of Union Station in Washington D.C.

I’m at Union Station and incredibly sweaty.

I have made this mistake several times already — I try to take the metro while wearing a suit and end up grossly sweaty by the time I make it near campus.

Every time I promise myself that I will just take an Uber next time I wear a suit. And every time I foolishly try to take the train again — “It’s not that warm,” I tell myself. Wrongly. 
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