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Best Summer Ever Week 15: Prelude to 3L Fall Semester

Law school orientation dominated the past week.

I was an orientation leader and spent the majority of my week convincing 1Ls that they can survive their first year of law school without being crazy. I also squeezed in some hours at the office, a movie, and even went to the Minnesota State Fair with Alesus.

It was my first time at the fair. I went primarily because the state fair is the only place I can buy Shoe MGK cleaner for my tacky white Aldo shoes. I also wanted to try camel on a stick.

Apparently the camel-sellers left the fair early, but I managed to buy the shoe cleaner, which was a life changing experience.

The Minnesota State Fair was surprisingly fun and great people watching.

There were cows:

minnesota state fair 2010


minnesota state fair 2010

Fancy kiosks with enormous light bills:

minnesota state fair 2010

“You got served” style dance-offs: Continue reading “Best Summer Ever Week 15: Prelude to 3L Fall Semester” »

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The video fail, mass awkwardness

Traffic at night

Yesterday’s video shoot did not go as planned.

I left work and got my hair fixed in Uptown. The salon was packed with gays and lesbians because everyone needed a hair-update before pride. I almost asked for a cut similar to this lesbian, but I already had a plan for the style that I wanted.

I wait for my stylist for about 30 minutes and awkwardly avoid eye contact with one of my gay professors and his partner. This professor is visibly uncomfortable interacting with gay students outside of school.

The professor is uncomfortable.
I get uncomfortable because he’s uncomfortable.
He gets more uncomfortable…so do I…and it’s just terrible. Continue reading “The video fail, mass awkwardness” »