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Moving out of the gayborhood

Lightning above the Trinity River in Dallas

I finally moved out of the gayborhood.

This move was yet another tedious experience in which I was confronted by dog hair balls, poor purchasing choices, and clothes that no longer fit.

One unexpected aspect of this move was the rain — I was leaving Ilume Park with a carload of stuff when the sky just collapsed all around me.

Here’s what it looked like in a video posted by a local weatherman:

A video of a "rain foot" over downtown Dallas.

A video of a “rain foot” over downtown Dallas.

The technical term is a “rain foot” or downburst, but it really felt like the hurricanes that I left in Miami.

I then made the great life choice of getting on the Tollway during the downpour. Several of the low points in the highway were flooded and traffic was reduced to a single lane. One guy driving a beamer attempted to blast through the flood waters and got stuck. I made it to the new apartment however. Continue reading “Moving out of the gayborhood” »

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Lingering Concerns

iLume Park Dallas

I ran into one of my neighbors in the hallway today:

Jill: “I am almost done moving to my new apartment!”

Me: “Nice. I hate moving. Are you doing Rug Doctor for the carpets?”

Jill: “Rug Doctor?”

Me: “The carpet steamer.”

Jill: “God no!”

Me: “…but aren’t you cleaning your carpets?”

Jill: “No.”

Me: “…but what if the building charges you?”

Jill: “Then fuck’em. I don’t care. I’ll fight that battle if I get to it.”

I wish I had this attitude to moving – the recent move would have been vastly less stressful. Continue reading “Lingering Concerns” »

Oak Lawn

Moving Day 1

bag picture by Erol Ahmed

The barista at the nearby Starbucks is super chatty.

She’s this nice slightly older woman, and she is usually in the middle of an oddball conversation when I walk into the store.

We had a bit of an awkward conversation the other day –

Barista: “So is that your partner outside?”
Me: “Yep!”
Barista: “Do you live together?”
Me: “Not yet, but he’s moving in next week.”
Barista: “You guys sure move fast. Is it because you can get gay married now?”
Me: “I think it has more to do with leases being up.” Continue reading “Moving Day 1” »

Dallas Life memories

The Road to Dallas

Chiweenie in the Lowertown Loft

Leaving Minnesota

I wake up at 3 a.m. and start loading my car.

My furniture is already gone, and now I just have to cram as much crap stuff as possible into my car.

I quickly realize that I can’t bring everything:

  • My nice dresser needs to go in the alley.
  • My beautiful plants and expensive pots won’t fit.
  • All of my glassware and dishes are destined for the dumpster.

Although I already donated several carloads, I still filled an entire dumpster during this move.

I felt burdened by my possessions – the total sum of a hundred innocent trips to the store. I could have saved so much time and money if I had committed to living with less earlier. That lesson made this ordeal worth it.

By 8:30 a.m., Gunter was the only thing left in my apartment.

Gunter in Lowertown Lofts

Gunter in my empty apartment at Lowertown Lofts in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota

I took one last look at Mears Park and then drove away from St. Paul forever. Continue reading “The Road to Dallas” »

memories Minneapolis-St. Paul

Goodbye Minnesota

Mit and downtown St. Paul

Predictions of a Frenemie

It’s winter and I am at Lush Food Bar for brunch.

One of the guys at our table says that he wants to move to Chicago, and I mention that I will likely move too.

That’s when one of the salty guys at our booth puts down his mimosa and says:
“Shut up about moving, Dennis. We all know you hate Minnesota, but you’re not moving anywhere. If you were going to move you would have done so already.”
Well, I guess he was wrong – The move to Dallas is happening tomorrow!

Adele snaps gif
Continue reading “Goodbye Minnesota” »