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End of 1L Summer

September 2, 2009
Book and notebook

Orientation has started, so I guess the summer is officially over.

I’m reliving orientation as an orientation assistant. The law school is really responsive to student feedback, so a lot of the boring and useless things from last year’s orientation were axed. Some of the 1Ls were still bored, but they have no idea how much better their orientation is.

Besides an awkward, overlong vegetable analogy, orientation has gone well. None of the speakers said anything crazy and none of the 1Ls irreparably embarrassed themselves. I think asking for anything more is unrealistic.

We even did a quick etiquette session in my orientation group where the other orientation leaders and I told the 1Ls how not to be obnoxious.

The top 5Β  “DO NOT” items on our list:

  • Don’t correct your peers or your professor in class.
  • Don’t play video games or watch youtube videos during class.
  • Don’t skip, or come in late every day.
  • Don’t (for the love of god) raise your hand when someone else is called on.
  • Don’t be rude to the secretaries or administrators, because they will talk about you.

I figure if my 1Ls can avoid doing those five things, they’ll be fine.

I thought about writing a grand β€œ1L summer retrospective” post, but that would be duplicative of my β€œone year in Minnesota” post and way too exhausting to do right now, so, quickly, the highlights of summer:

The summer was hilarious, but I’m ready to start the school year.